High-Precision Thermoelectric Sensor for High Temperature

A prototype of an innovative sensor for measurement of high temperatures was developed by Progressive Technologies, a company involved in research and application of high-temperature processes, growing of synthetic crystals and processing of glass fiber, and subsequently a technology transfer to Germany was realised within the framework of the Czech Innovation Relay Centre.

Using the method of thermoelectric emissions the sensor is wrapped in synthetic sapphire and allows for high precision measurement (±0,001 K) up to the temperature of 2100 K. Thanks to its high accuracy and resistance to high shifts of temperatures it is suitable for a broad range of industrial applications.

Since this type of measuring sensor has never been tested in practical application, Progressive Technologies asked the specialists from the Technology Centre ASCR for help finding a suitable partner who would be interested in prototype practical testing and launching it on the market. Using its international on-line database, the Technology Centre ASCR found a request of a German company LISTaR who was looking for a partner to develop a high temperature measuring device that could be used in the foundry industry. In May 2007, the staff of the Technology Centre organized a meeting for specialists from both companies at the fair in Nuremberg, Germany and later on a more detailed meeting in Prague in August 2007.

A cooperation agreement with the goal to complete the development of the technology so it could be marketed was signed by both parties in December 2007 . Progressive Technologies benefitted from finding a suitable technological partner to help finalize the prototype and to prepare its launching on the market. LISTaR was provided with a valuable opportunity to test a brand new innovative technology with a high market potential in practical operation.

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