Liposome Technology Used to Dye Textiles

The University of Pardubice has successfully transfered its liposome technology used to dye textiles to a Greek company Loufakis Chemicals. The research on preparation, technical aspects and application of liposomes has been conducted in the Czech Republic by the Faculty of Chemical Technology of the University of Pardubice for quite some time.

The faculty specialists introduced numerous innovative ideas especially on the use of liposome-based dyeing agents or additives used for textile dyeing and treatment. A group of faculty experts specialising in practical application of liposomes started a successful co-operation with a Greek chemistry company, Loufakis Chemicals in the framework of EUREKA, the international program for applied research and development.

The case shown below describes synthetically composed liposomes, vesicles used for delivery of an active substance. They are composed of a lipid bilayer and an inner insulated part containing a specific active substance. In recent years the liposome-based technologies have become widely used in various practical applications, especially in medicine, pharmaceutical industry, cosmetics, food industry, and agriculture.

When the EUREKA project ended, the research partners both wished for the existing scientific co-operation on improving textile dyeing procedure using liposomes, between the University of Pardubice and the Loufakis Chemicals S. A. company, to continue. Their previous joint research showed that certain types of liposomes filled with a liquid dye or dispersion will ensure a high quality distribution of the dyeing pigment and a homogenous shade of colour in the dyed textile. An agreement on further co-operation in this field between the University of Pardubice and Loufakis Chemicals and the related technology transfer was intermediated by the Technology Centre ASCR in co-operation with the Greek partner of the Innovation Relay Centre (IRC) network, Hellenic Clotefi.

This joint research resulted in a new progressive liposome-based technology which brings innovation into the textile industry. The new dyeing method, that has been put into full operation by the Loufakis Chemicals company, is not only more effective (a faster dyeing procedure) but it also improves the quality of the resulting textile product. To protect the unique results of their joint research, the Czech and Greek partners registered a joint patent on the specific method of preparation and composition of liposomes applied in the textile industry with the European Patent Office in 2008.

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