Unique Czech NanospiderTM Technology

The Czech company Elmarco was the first company in the world to develop and market an industrial machine producing materials from nanofibre. It also developed the unique NanospiderTM technology that produces high quality anorganic and organic nanofibres of all-round applications and which was successfully transfered to Spain. Elmarco offers the technology in several modifications both for research and development labs and for small-scale production and high capacity industrial production lines.

The NanospiderTM technology impressed specialists from the Spanish company Aires involved in development and implementation of new textile technologies for small and medium enterprises. The Technology Centre took the opportunity of TechTextil 2007, an international brokerage event, and organized a meeting of representatives of both undertakings where it was agreed that the NanospiderTM technology would be sold to the Spanish partner. The agreement also included a training of Spanish specialists in the Elmarco headquarters in Liberec.

The Spanish organization utilizes the NanospiderTM technology for new development and for improving the properties of existing textile materials. Elmarcoaccomplished another great new deal and penetrated a stable qulified presence on the Spanish market.

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