A Universal Biomass Boiler

The Technology Centre of the Academy of Sciences of the CR assisted a successful transfer of a technology for a biomass boiler realised between the Czech company Step Trutnov and Slovakian Format Prešov within the Enterprise Europe Network in 2009.

The Czech company Step Trutnov whose core activities include the development and production of high-end technologies in the energy and thermal technology industry, introduced a new type of an innovative industrial biomass boiler. Even though the conversion of specific types of biomass into thermal energy is relatively widespread nowadays, the technology of the Czech producer is extraordinary since it allows to burn and exploit various types of waste biomass and even their mixtures (e.g. a mix of saw dust, trimmings, bark, woodchips, wood shavings, cereal seeds, etc.). This technology is ideally suited for district heating systems or local heating of various industrial or agricultural facilities, hotels, etc.

The Technology Centre offered the innovative technology of the Step Trutnov industrial boiler to a potential foreign customer in Slovakia through the BBS international database of technology offers and requests. The Slovak company is Format Prešov, a distributor of various heating equipment on the Slovak market. Thanks to its versatility, the Step Trutnov company`s technology met all the customer`s requirements. During the subsequent negotiations, an agreement was reached between the two companies on the sale of the Step Trutnov boiler to the Slovak company. An agreement on staff training in application of this technology was a part of the contract.

Thanks to the above technology transfer, the Czech producer succeeded in placing its latest product on a foreign market. For Step Trutnov, it is also an important referential contract following two earlier successful deliveries of two different models to Slovakia. The recipient of the technology received an advanced innovative heating technology with an economic effect. The Slovak customer expects to save up to 50 % of its heating expenses thanks to the new universal boiler.

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