An innovative vacuum controller and related technology was deleloped by the Czech company Foton. The company in co-operation with the Technology Centre of the Academy of Sciences of the CR initiated a technology transfer and supplied the controller to the Centre for Plasma Physics of the Instituto Superior Técnico in Lisbon, Portugal, one of the leading European centres for basic and applied research in the field of plasma physics and high-performance lasers.

Vacuum controller developed by FOTON is used to control and monitor the condition of vacuum pumps, valves, sub-pressure meters and system signal interface. The controller switched to manual or automatic mode also controls the limits of valves and sub-pressure meters. This complex and sophisticated product helps control efficiently all inputs, thereby preventing the occurrence of any dangerous situation. In keeping with the agreement signed between the two organizations FOTON, s.r.o. produced and supplied the complete instrumentation including cabling to the Centre in Portugal, installed it and arranged for technical training of the local service staff.

This transaction brought FOTON primarily a financial benefit, but establishing contacts with a renowned foreign organization in the field of plasma physics was equally important for this Czech company, offering a good prospect for future cooperation and for easier penetration of this highly competitive international market. FOTON also benefited from the opportunity to check its practical capabilities to develop, fine tune and supply a turnkey solution that had to be tailored to highly specific needs of the customer. FOTON was able to prove that the instrument developed for Czech labs will, after adaptation, be able to operate under challenging conditions abroad. The Centre for Plasma Physics in Lisbon has aquired a top quality instrument with technical parameters and performance for its research and development tasks.

The Czech company FOTON, s.r.o. develops and manufactures advanced instrumentation for electronics, mechanics, optics, photonics, physical engineering and plasma diagnostics. FOTON has been successfully collaborating with the Technology Centre ASCR in research and development support.

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