Vermaktiv Stimul: Successful Verification of the Czech Plant Growth Stimulant in Spain

Czech company Enzymix developing and manufacturing specialized products for agricultural production and ecology has introduced a new product Vermaktiv Stimul – an organomineral stimulant of plant growth and sold the technology to a Spanish company Aneccop S. Coop.

Vermaktiv Stimul is a complex preparative that demonstrably improves the condition of plants, boosts rooting, growth, flowering and amount of storage substances, and also promotes seed germination and plant emergence. Vermaktiv Stimul is applied easily by spraying. 

Enzymix, Ltd. contacted the Technology Centre AS CR asking for help with the implementation of preparation Vermaktiv to the market. The product characteristics were then entered into the international database of technology offers and requests. Spanish company Anecoop S. Coop, which associates a number of large Spanish fruit and vegetable producers, responded to the advertized offer. The specialists from the Technology Centre AS CR in cooperation with the Spanish branch of the Enterprise Europe Network subsequently mediated an agreement between the two firms about the verification tests of Vermaktiv Stimul on watermelons.

The Czech company sent product samples and their effects were practically tested on research estates of the Spanish organization. The results of several months` testing, during which the effects of Vermaktiv Stimul were compared with effects of common fertilizer, were very promising. The tests confirmed that Vermaktiv contributes to higher increases in a weight of watermelons. The preparation also positively affects the shape of the fruit – watermelons treated with Vermaktiv were rounder than samples treated with common fertilizers, while the consumption of Vermaktiv has been significantly lower than with common fertilizers. 

Based on the successful verification of Vermaktiv Stimul properties, the Spanish company will now promote this new product among their partners, which will increase the likelihood of successful establishment of the product on the Spanish market. The Spanish partner also expressed its interest in continuing the testing of Vermaktiv Stimul on other fruits and vegetables. 

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