Vibration Diagnosis of Engines

A technology transfer of production of instruments for machine vibration and monitoring diagnosis produced by a Czech company Aura was realised in 2009 within the framework of the EEN. Aura is the largest Czech producer of such products supplying also specialized control systems for technologies and industrial automation. With its own development, the company offers its customers turnkey solutions for the development and production of specific measurement and automation sensors.

The majority of their products, including vibration diagnostics technology, have been developed by its researchers and developers. AURA has been successfully co-operating in research and development support with the Technology Centre ASCR for more than three years. Technology Centre representatives assisted Aura in obtaining information on funding from EU Structural Funds and funds supporting company research and development. Technology Centre ASCR representatives supported the establishment of the AURA Prague branch. The Technology Centre also helped administer a licence agreement enabling to use AURA. technology abroad.

This was the advanced instrument for the diagnostics of vibrations of helicopter engines sought by ZAO KGM AVIA, a Russian aviation company. AURA benefits from this licence agreement twice. The financial profit from licence fees is an income, but there is also an indirect marketing benefit due to the fact that a Czech company was able to succeed with its technology on the challenging and promising Russian aviation market. The Russian party has gained an advanced technology that will enhance the operation safety of its helicopters.

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