If you find anything on this website that would not, in your opinion, comply with the accessibility statement please let us know and we will do relevant steps to correct it.

Websites in compliance with accessibility standards

The website (portal) works towards maximal accessibility of its contents and functions in compliance with most common standards. The accessibility is meant to be the internet website which accommodates all users regardless their handicap, capability, knowledge, experience or display options.

The portal is designed with regard to health disabilities of its users (with regard to visual and hearing impairments, cognitive disabilities and motor mobility), experience with the Internet, technical facilities (for users who can not use a mouse, monochromatic monitor or the content is interpreted by a screen reader) and software (use of other operation systems or internet browsers).

The portal meets all important principles of accessibility according to the Blind Friendly Web methodology (the United Organization of the Visually Impaired and the Blind Project), WCAG 1.0, and Rules of creating accessible web pages prepared as a guideline for the amendment of the Act No. 365/2000 Coll., on the Information Systems of Public Administration.

Blind friendly web

The above mentioned statement refers solely to information presented on the portal and does not necessarily apply to servers of partner organisations which are often referred to.

Personalized web browsing

All texts on the portal are defined in relative values and can easily be enlarged or reduced in size using the standard tools of a web browser. The layout and control over the websites is designed so that the websites are accessible both for alternative browsers and persons with specific needs.

The layout and content structure is designed using the structural XHTML 1.0 Strict. The visual presentation is created by cascading style sheets (CSS). In case your browser does not support the CSS or you are not satisfied with our graphic layout, your can switch off styles or change the font size using the standard tools of the browser.

Information on other standards

Certain information on the portal is provided in PDF format, mainly due to the fact that such information either contains typographic elements and formatting, which XHTML does not support, or is too large and more suitable for downloading. In order to display such documents you must have the Adobe Reader browser installed. This can be downloaded free-of-charge from the Adobe website.

The Adobe Reader programme can be downloaded from the following address:

In some cases a document referred to on the portal is published in a format of the Microsoft Office application family (MS Office). These are documents with the suffix DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX or PPT, PPTX. All of these formats are typically supported also by other office software vendors, including, for example, the free OpenOffice office suite that can work with Microsoft Office files.

Navigation and access keys

The following access keys are defined for specific navigation elements:

[alt + 0] Site map
[alt + 1] Homepage
[alt + 2] Go to main navigation
[alt + 3] Go to log in form
[alt + 4] Advanced search
[alt + 5] Contact
[alt + 6] About the portal
[alt + 7] FAQ
[alt + 8] Legal disclaimer
[alt + 9] Accessibility statement

The combination of keys [alt + number] is used in the Internet Explorer environment; it can differ on other browsers or platforms (e. g. it must be confirmed by Enter key, the combination of keys [shift + alt + number] or [shift + Esc] followed by the number).

The website can also be browsed by using a keyboard only. The reference order corresponds to the logical structure of the content so it is easily accessible by a [tab] key. There are text references for a direct access to the portal main menu and the log-in form on the top of each page. Main navigation elements are consistent on all portal pages.

Portal traffic monitoring

The portal uses Yahoo! codes which enable to analyse the visitors' behaviour on the website. Yahoo! may use anonymous information from your visit on this or other website in order to improve its products and services and to better customise advertising of products and services that could be of your interest.

Contact to technical web administrator

If you find anything on this website that would not, in your opinion, comply with the accessibility statement please let us know and we will do relevant steps to correct it.

Webmaster (active e-mail – this address should only be used to deal with technical issues and not issues pertaining to the content of the portal..

Chief Editor (active e-mail – this address should only be used to deal with issues pertaining to the content and not technical issues of the portal.

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