Providing Services

Dear Visitor, the Czech PSC helps entrepreneurs who are citizens of the EU and who plan to offer their services to customers in the Czech Republic. It provides them with all the relevant information on the rules and the application procedures, the required forms and all contact details of the relevant authorities involved in the process of obtaining the permits and licenses you need in order to provide services in the Czech Republic.

Welcome to the Czech Point of Single Contact (PSC) – Your gateway to providing services in the Czech Republic.

The PSC also acts as an intermediary between you – the entrepreneur – and the relevant Czech authorities, handing over applications, forms and documents you submit to the PSC. This function is performed through our 15 physical Points of Single Contact located at selected trade-license offices. There is one physical PSC in every Czech region and 2 are located in Prague.

As a citizen of an EU member state, you can provide services in the Czech Republic in two modes: cross-border provision of services or establishment. Cross-border provision of services is the temporary and/or occasional provision of services in a host country by a service provider, who is already established in another country. Establishment applies to the situation when an entrepreneur wants to set up a business in a host country in order to continually provide his services there. The EU freedom-of-establishment principle allows entrepreneurs to create a company in any EU country on an equal footing with the nationals of that state.

Haven’t found the information you were looking for on our website? Staff of the Point of Single Contact will gladly and competently answer your questions and help you with a wide range of practical issues. Use our on-line questionnaire and ask our staff or get in touch with the experts directly at one of the 15 physical Points of Single Contact. We can help you with inquiries concerning the cross-border provision of services or the establishment of a business in the Czech Republic or any of the other 27 EU member states.

We also provide general information on out-of-court dispute resolution, consumer protection, Czech tax rules, information on product certificates (ProCoP) or contact details and information on business associations and professional chambers in the Czech Republic. If you’re interested in these topics, feel free to ask – our staff will reply to your query within a short time.

Need more information? 

You can find further information and useful advice related to the provision of services in the Czech Republic on the web site of the Enterprise Europe Network Czech Republic.