Dear visitor, please feel free to get in touch with the experts at our physical Points of Single Contact or with the experts at the Points of Single Contact of other member states. You’ll find all the necessary contact details in this section.

On-line questionnaire

Haven’t found the information you were looking for on the on-line Point of Single Contact? Try our integrated on-line questionnaire! You may place an inquiry concerning the cross-border provision of services or the establishment of a business in the Czech Republic or any of the other 27 EU member states. You may also ask for advice relating to other matters, such as for example Czech tax rules, out-of-court dispute settlement, information on product certificates (ProCoP) or complaints related to the rulings of authorities of other member states (SOLVIT).

Regional Points of Single Contact

Our regional Points of Single Contact are available in all of the thriteen Czech regions in their capital cities, while two Points of Single Contact are available in the Czech capital city of Prague. The network of the regional Points of Single Contact is based on the structure of the trade-licensing offices. For contacts and addresses of our regional Points of Single Contacts please follow this link

Points od Single Contact in the EU 28

The Czech Point of Single Contact has been established as a part of the European-wide EUGO network. Therefore you’ll find Points of Single Contact in every EU member state to help entrepreneurs from the EU with starting their business and with the cross-border provision of services on the single European market. The information is available in all official languages of the EU.