The posting company is obliged to notify the posted workers to a labor office. The notification needs to be submitted on a special notification form. The posted worker is obliged to have the notification documents always with her/him. The notification has to be submitted by the day of the commencement of the employment at the latest and has to include the following:

  • Name of the legal or the natural person in the Czech Republic for whom the posted workers will carry out the work.
  • Information on the company posting the workers.
  • Number and the professions of the posted workers.
  • Place of work.
  • Address where the posted workers will be accommodated in the Czech Republic.

An employer must keep records of his employers who are citizens of the EU and of all employed or posted foreigners. These records have to contain the following data (for details see § 91 of the Employment Act):

  • Sex
  • Classification according to the industrial classification of economic activities
  • Highest achieved education
  • Education required for the job
  • Period for which a work permit was issued
  • Period of a residence permit
  • Commencement and termination date of employment or posting

Moreover, if the service that is to be provided is regulated in the host country, it is necessary to notify the qualification of the particular worker to a relevant authority of the host state. To find out which services/professions are regulated in the Czech Republic, please visit Database of regulated professions and professional activities.

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