A company from the EU can post its workers to the Czech Republic only for the temporary and/or occasional provision of services that are at the same time being provided in its country of origin. The posted workers are subject to Czech labor law which regulates all relevant issues such as working hours, minimum wages, the security of work or the extent of leave. The workers nevertheless remain contracted to the employer in their country of origin.

In general, the posting company is obliged to comply with the legislation of the host country, if it is beneficial for its workers. The posted workers have to enjoy the same working conditions (including minimum wages or vacation) as domestic (i.e. Czech) workers. If the workers stay posted in the host member state for a longer period of time, it is necessary to comply with the rules for relocation. More information about the rules for relocation to the Czech Republic.

The posted workers and their employer need to comply with the specific rules concerning the posting of workers, in particular the rules pertaining to the notification of the host country, and the rules concerning taxation and social and health insurance. It is also important to be aware of the regulations on the working standards in the Czech Republic and the possible applicable sanctions.

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