The document sets forth conditions for obtaining approval to carry out professional activities consisting in verifying and certifying the origin of purebred livestock and determining their genetic type, as well as further information on the licence proceedings.

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Conditions for granting a licence

An authorised person may be a legal entity or individual who is an entrepreneur, or an official breeding association to which approval for performing certain professional activities has been granted by the Ministry of Agriculture, pursuant to Article 3 Breeding Act.

Application requirements

Individuals shall state the following in their application:

  • name, or name(s) and surname
  • identification number
  • birth number
  • address
  • telephone
  • e-mail

Legal entities shall state the following in their application:

  • trade name or name
  • identification number
  • address
  • telephone
  • e-mail

The applicant shall:

  1. provide documentary proof in the form of a certificate of accreditation of their eligibility to verify and certify the origins of purebred livestock and to determine their genetic types
  2. provide documentary proof of their participation in international benchmarking tests – where relevant – and to comply with their criteria on an ongoing basis

Requirements connected to the provision of services by a provider from a different Member State

An accredited laboratory is required for the activity (e.g. pursuant to the ČSN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005 standard).

Further information on the licence proceedings

Type of licence

  • Award of approval to perform the professional activity

Respective authority

  • Ministry of Agriculture

Control and supervisory bodies

  • Czech Breeding Inspection Board

Procedure for granting a licence

  • The Ministry of Agriculture shall assess and approve the application.

Application clearing deadline

  • The time limit for issuing a resolution on the application is 60 days.


  • As specified under Act No. 634/2004 Coll., on administrative fees

Validity period of the licence

  • Unlimited term of authorisation

Legal Regulation

  • Act No 154/2000 Coll., on breeding, stirpiculture and record keeping of farm animals and on amendments to some related Acts (Breeding Act), as amended

Related legal regulations

  • Decree No. 448/2006 Coll., on implementing some provisions of the Breeding Act

Current Community regulations

  • For international benchmarking tests only

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