The present Activity consists of verifying and certifying the origin of purebred livestock and determining its genetic type, pursuant to Article 12 of the Breeding Act. An authorised entity may issue certificates verifying the origin and certifying the determination of genetic type.

Persons wanting to carry out the activity must first obtain a certificate of laboratory accreditation issued in the Czech Republic or abroad (in the Czech Republic the certificate is issued by the Czech Institute for Accreditation). After having obtained a certificate of accreditation, the applicant may file an application with the Ministry of Agriculture to be granted approval to carry out the professional activity. Approval shall be granted on the basis of a written application.

Procedure for obtaining authorisation:

  1. Application for assessment by the Czech Accreditation Institute
  2. Application for approval to carry out the professional activity pursuant to Article 12 Act No. 154/2000 Coll.

1) Application for assessment by the Czech Accreditation Institute

Annex 1information on the applicant and site to be assessed (CIA_Objednavka_posouzeni_dokumentace.doc, 222kB)
Annex 2specification of the scope of assessment along with complementary information (CIA_Priloha-2.doc, 69kB)
Annex 3completed questionnaire (CIA_Priloha-3.doc, 44kB) – optional annex; should be filled especially when applying for one’s first accreditation
Annex 4 – current quality manual (unless the ČIA already has it)
Annex 5 – document on the legal standing of the applicant. As proof of legal standing, the application shall submit, where possible, a copy of an extract from the Commercial Register, if the applicant is not listed in the Commercial Register, the following certified documents, for instance, may be accepted as proof of legal standing:  trade licence or other authorisation, Memorandum or Articles of Association, or registration with the relevant authority
Annex 6 – document on the organisational structure of the subject under assessment along with a document, where applicable, referring to the organisational inclusion of the subject within the organisation of the applicant
Annex 7for testing, medical and calibration laboratories, participation and test result reports for eligibility testing/inter-laboratory benchmarking (CIA_Zprava-o-ucasti-v-MPZ.doc, 34kB)
Annex 8 – for subjects applying for accreditation of independent sampling – a list of suppliers (testing laboratories)

Review of the Application and Registration by the Czech Accreditation Institute.

The Czech Accreditation Institute shall send the applicant a draft contract on inspection activity, an invoice for the registration fee, and an advance invoice for the assessment (within 14 days of reviewing the application); the assessment shall begin following the return of the contract signed by the applicant and payment of the invoices.

Assessment of the documentation for the quality management system within 30 days of the date given in the contract.

On-site assessment, save for exceptional circumstances, within 90 days of the date indicated in the contract. Exceptional circumstances include those cases where it is impossible, for practical, technical or legislative reasons, to complete the assessment within the deadline specified. The maximum duration of the assessment under such exceptional circumstances must not exceed a period of 6 months.

Issue of the accreditation certificate.

2) Application for approval to carry out the professional activity pursuant to Article 12 Act No. 154/2000 Coll.

  • The application shall be filed with the Ministry of Agriculture
  • A sample request is provided in Annex 1 to the Decree No. 448/2006 Coll.

The application shall be supplemented with:

  • a certificate of laboratory accreditation
  • a copy of a report from international benchmarking tests (where relevant)

Application requirements and other information on licence proceedings

The Ministry of Agriculture shall grant the approval within 60 days.

The business may be conducted after fulfilling all the above stated requirements.

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