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Turecká firma nabízí dezinfekční prostředky.

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Turecká společnost: İVEKİM PHARMACEUTICAL AND CHEMICAL INDUSTRY nabízí českým zájemcům své produkty v oblasti dezinfekce. Viz web stránky firmy a AJ znění nabídky. V případě zájmu kontaktujte: Mr. AHED KHECHINI e-m: ahed@ivekim.com Web: https://ivekim.com/en/

Cizojazyčný popis

As İVEKİM, we set out in 2016 to provide people with a better quality and more hygienic life. We aim to offer fast solutions for our consumers with the inspiration we get from our experience. We carry what the world offers us to the next generations and bring our products, created with this inspiration, together with all our suppliers and customers.

We see ourselves as „Solution Partners“ of the people we serve and work with this sense of responsibility. We act with our respect for nature and natural resources, and we aim that future generations will be able to benefit from the resources generously provided by the world. For this reason, we have environmental awareness in our every activity and we support this with our documents.

We believe that we have brought a completely different dimension to the sector with our stance and goal. We are confident in the content and quality of our products. Being a solution point from the past to the present, from the present to the future comes before everything for us. We do our work in this direction, we strive to provide solutions to humanity while developing our products.

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