Soupravy pro detekci Covid 19, distributoři

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08. 11. 2020
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Indická firma hledá v ČR distributory pro detekční soupravy Covid 19

Indická firma nabízí detekční soupravy pro Covid 19 a hledá vhodné distributory v ČR. Zároveň zkoumá možnosti pro přesun výroby daných zařízení.
Detaily v anglickém popisu.

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Looking for buyers in Czech for Covid Kits. The Indian company is exploring options in setting up a anufacturing for their radiology equipments.

Prognosys, a Bangalore based Digital Healthcare company in offering functional solutions for detection of Covid 19. Though many companies offer Covid 19 solutions in RT PCR technology, we differentiate in offering an RT PCR, that can offer:

Fastest Time to result – 1 hour

Battery operated

Completely mobile – the footprint of the solution is that of a Lazer printer

Cloud connected – E commerce, Device and Productivity tracking, Patient EHR

Minimum resource setting – No need for micro biologist, a lab technician can do the test

No Bio safety cabinets – No need for additional Sanitization environment, since the transport medium inactivates the virus on contact.

We have currently sold over 1.2 Million chips to detect Covid in India. We export these to several countries across the globe. The products are CE certified, and are ready to be exported.

we are also a company , which manufactures Radiology products

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