Legal Information

Due to the accession of the Czech Republic to the European Union the Czech legal system has been going through a continuous process of harmonizing with the EU legal environment and is expected to develop in line with the EU requirements. For business purposes there are two main Codes, which should be taken into account when doing business in the Czech Republic. The Commercial Code and the Trade Act govern forms of business entities, rights and obligations of persons carrying out business activities, commercial commitments, and other relationships related to domestic as well as foreign trade activitities.

Legal Information

Ministry of Justice

Although there are several online national sources of Czech legislation, there is no single entry point or a main national legislative database in English. The sources usually provide only selected parts of legislation (e.g. environment, international agreements). The official website of the Ministry of Justice listing overviews of legislative regulations could serve as a good starting point.

Ministry of Interior

The Ministry of Interior enables free access to all legal directives and international agreements published in the Collection of Legal Directives and the Collection of International Agreements

Notarial Chamber

The website of the Notarial Chamber of the Czech Republic contains the English version of the Act on notaries and their work activities (Notarial Procedures) and a database of notary´s offices and individual notaries which can be searched by a name, a city or a local chamber of notaries.

Arbitration Court

The Arbitration Court attached to the Economic Chamber of the Czech Republic and the Agricultural Chamber of the Czech Republic is the only permanent arbitration court with the general sphere of activity pertinent for the determination of property disputes. The website contains English wording of Rules of Arbitration Court and Principles governing the costs of arbitral proceedings.

Constitutional Court of the Czech Republic

A specialised autonomous state institution for inspection of constitutionality. The English website contains English translations of the most important decisions and judgments of the Court in the chronological order

Customs Administration of the Czech Republic

The Customs Administration`s website contains information on customs authorities, national and EU custom regulations, tax excises, VAT reimbursement, Intrastat data, EU Preferential System, protection of intellectual property rights, implementation of NCTS-TIR system, TIR carnets and many others

Health Care System

Information for foreign nationals about the health insurance in the Czech Republic and requirements for recognition of qualifications in the healthcare sector.

Data Boxes

All legal entities and company branch offices registered in the Commercial Register must have their data boxes for electronic comminication with state authorities.