This section provides basic information on the transport system in the Czech Republic. Included are maps of road and railway networks, links to the Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic (responsible for any regulations and laws within the transport sector), Czech Railways, Prague Public Transport Co., public transport companies of major cities (Brno, Plzen, Ostrava), waterways system operators, Czech Airlines, Czech Airport Authority, etc.


The Czech Republic possesses one of the most advanced transport networks in Central and Eastern Europe. Its geographical position at the very centre of Europe makes it a natural crossroads for major transit corridors. An extensive network of transport routes serves not only the Czech Republic but also links the country to neighbouring and other European states, and the density of the transport network ranks the Czech Republic among the world“s most advanced countries. The significance of the Czech Republic as a transit hub has grown since the Czech Republic became a member of the EU Single Market covering the area of the EU 15 and the new members in Central and Eastern Europe.

Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic

The Ministry of Transport is the public administration authority responsible for the transportation sector. Main tasks of the Ministry include legal, administrative and financial management of Road Transport, Railway Transport, Water Transport, Air Transport, Public and Combined Transportation, Road Traffic Safety (BESIP), the State Fund of Transport Infrastructure, Transport Policy, International Relations and Environmental Department, Crisis Management Issues, Information Systems Department, etc.

Customs Office

Basic documents, Accession Treaty, Impacts of Accession, Customs Act, Customs Authorities, General Directorate of Customs.

Road Network in the Czech Republic

Map of Road Network of The CzechRepublic

Road Network Map CR

The Czech Republic has a good system of public transport. Currently, there are 7 highways crossing the country and more are being constructed. There is also a dense network of railways. To search for a connection (even international) go to IDOS, a national timetable information system.

Toll payments

The toll is applied to all motor vehicles with gross vehicle weight over 3.5 tons. The toll is collected by the the electronic system:
the on-board unit installed in the vehicle communicates with toll gantries.

Motorway coupons

Owners of passenger vehicles pay the toll for using motorways and expressways in the form of a paper vignette – the so-called motorway voucher. Vouchers are available for 10 days, one month, or 14 months. In 2017, the price of the motorway voucher for 14 months is CZK 1,500, CZK 440 for one month, and CZK 310 for ten days. They can be bought at gas stations and post offices throughout the whole republic. The yearly motorway voucher for 2017 is valid from 1 December 2016 to 31 January 2018.

Railway System in the Czech Republic (2016)

Map of the Railway system of the Czech Republic

Railway Network CR

Prague has an advanced public transport system. You can easily get around by Metro (tube, subway, undergound), buses and trams. For travelling to the adjacent parts of Prague you can go by buses or trains within the Prague Integrated Transport System. More information and timetables are available at the website of the Prague Public Transport Co .

Website Integrated Public Transport System of others Czech Cities: BrnoPlzenOstrava.

Airports in the Czech Republic

Prague Airport

The Prague Airport manages and operates Václav Havel International Airport owned by the state.

Czech Airlines (CSA)

Czech Airlines are the Czech national airlines. CSA provide connections to the majority of main European destinations and to transit points in North America, Asia, the Middle East and North Africa. CSA offers a wide selection of services at a high international standard; since 2001 CSA is a member of the SkyTeam Alliance.

Air Navigation Service of the Czech Republic

The key purpose of ANS CR is to maintain a safe environment for air traffic in the dynamically developing industry of civil aviation and ever changing conditions of international air transport. ANS CR provides, in concordance with legal regulations and international civil aviation standards, public aviation services for users of the airspace of the Czech Republic, at the airports of Prague-Ruzyně, Brno-Turany, Ostrava-Mosnov, Karlovy Vary and at other airports, on a commercial basis.

Civil Aviation Authority

Civil Aviation Authority of Czech Republic was established by Czech Act of Civil Aviation as an government agency in charge of civil aviation. It is subordinate to Czech Department of Transport.

Waterways System in the Czech Republic

The Water Transport Maritime Office Information on main activities of the Department of Navigationand the Directorate of Waterways of the Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic is responsible for execution of state administration in inland navigation and state supervision of examination of competency of yachtmasters; it also issues Certificates of Competency for Yachtmasters. Main rivers in the Czech Republic are the following: Vltava River, Labe (Elbe) River, Morava River, Odra (Oder) River.

State Navigation Authority

This site contains the latest versions of relevant legislation and international agreements related to inland waterway transport. Information in Czech only.