Trade Fairs and Exhibitions

Exhibiting has a long tradition in the Czech Republic. A number of trade fairs held in the CR has a significant importance from the global point of view. Major Exhibition Grounds in the Czech Republic with a summary of trade fairs organised:

Trade Fairs and Exhibitions

Other exhibition grounds are located for example in Litoměřice, Liberec or Pardubice. Further information about fairs and exhibitions can be found in the Calendar of Events (here at You can obtain up-to-date information and terms also on the specialized site (in Czech, English or German). A good source of detailed information is also

Long history of exhibiting in the Czech Republic

The first remarkable trade fairs were organised during the 18th century (1754 – The Big Fair of Goods of the Czech Kingdom in Veltrusy, 1791 – Waarenkabinet in Prague), but the first step which anticipated the Czech lands to become true „exhibitory power“ was done at the end of the 19thcentury when the Prague Exhibition Grounds were built – by virtue of organising The General Anniversary Exhibition (Prague, 1891). Afterwards, they have been used for hosting trade fairs and exhibitions of various kinds – mostly specialized events.

On account of quite developed infrastructure and rapidly growing industry, the number of trade fairs and exhibitions started to increase considerably. This fact contributed to the rise of the Brno Fairgrounds in the 1920s, which later became the Czech exhibiting site number one. Especially exhibitions of Mechanical Engineering in the 1950s were very successful. Later on more fairgrounds throughout the Czech Republic were established – e. g. Flora Olomouc, České Budějovice Fairgrounds and PVA in Prague. After the „Velvet“ revolution in 1989 the Czech exhibiting sector has accomodated itself to new conditions and now follows contemporary trends. Probably the most remarkable event organised in the Czech Republic is the International Engineering Fair.

Major Exhibition Grounds in the Czech Republic

Brno Fairgrounds

Brno Fairgrounds, as mentioned above, are the most important exhibiting site in the Czech Republic. In the 1920s there were built facilities in funcionalist style, which have been reconstructed later on. Currently Brno Fairgrounds offer 196,600 m² of exhibition space and their facilities belong to the most beautiful buildings in the Czech Republic. BVV a. s., a member of the World Trade Centers Association ( WTCA), administrates the Brno Fairgrounds.

Summary of trade fairs and exhibitions:

  • AMPER – International Trade Fair of Electrotechnics, Electronics, Automation and, Communication Lightning and Security Technologies
  • Animal Vetex – International Veterinary Fair
  • Automation – Measuring, control, automation and regulation technology
  • Autotec– International Fair of Utility Vehicles, Parts, Accessories and Garage EquipmentServicing Technologies (not yet confirmed for 2017)
  • Autosalon Brno – The International Motor Show (not yet confirmed for 2017)
  • Biomass – Trade Fair of Renewable Sources of Energy in Agriculture and Forestry
  • DSB – Timber Construction Fair Brno
  • Embax – International Trade Fair of Packaging, Printing and Marketing Communication
  • EnviBrno – International Environmental Fair (now part of MSV)
  • Fishing– International Exhibition of Fishing Tackle
  • Gaudeamus – European Education and Lifelong Learning Exhibition
  • Go – International Travel TradeTourism Fair
  • IDET – International Exhibition of Defence and Security Technologies
  • Inteco – International Fair of Equipment for Retail Trade, Hotels and Catering Facilities
  • Interprotec– International Fair of Personal Protective Equipment, Health and Safety at Work (not yet confirmed for 2017)
  • Kabo– International Fair of Footwear and Leatherware
  • MBK – International Milling Industry, Bakery and Confectionery Fair
  • Minerals Brno – International Sales Exhibition of Minerals, Fossils, Jewels and Natural Products
  • Mobitex– International Fair of Living
  • Motosalon – International fair for motorcycles, ATVs, accessories and clothing
  • Motortechna – Exchange of Oldtimers, Spare Parts and Documentation, Vintage Cars Exhibition
  • MSV – International Engineering Fair
  • Natur Expo – Fair for Sustainable Living in the Landscape
  • Opta– International Fair of Eye Optics and Ophthalmology
  • Plastex– International Plastics, Rubber and Composites Fair (not yet confirmed for 2017)
  • Prodítě – International Fair of Children`s Products
  • Profintech – International Surface Treatment Technology Fair (not yet confirmed for 2017)
  • Pyros/Iset – International Fair for Fire Fighting Equipment, Security Technology and Services
  • Regiontour – International Fair of Regional Tourism
  • Rehaprotex – International Fair of Rehabilitation, Compensation and Prosthetic Devices
  • Salima– International Food Fair
  • Silva Regina – International Forestry and Hunting Fair
  • Techagro – International Fair of Agricultural Technology
  • Transport and Logistics – International Fair for Transport and Logistics
  • Urbis Invest – International Fair for Investments, Opportunities, Business and Regional Development
  • Vinex – International Wine Fair (not yet confirmed for 2017)
  • Welding– International Welding Engineering Fair (not yet confirmed for 2017)
  • Wood–Tec – International Fair of Machinery, Equipment and Materials for the Wood Industry

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Prague Exhibition Grounds

Prague Exhibition Grounds were built at the edge of the Stromovka park on the occasion of the General Anniversary Exhibition that took place in Prague in 1891. Then it became an important meeting point for citizens because they could have spent their free time and relaxed there. During the 20thcentury, Prague Exhibition Grounds hosted many cultural events including trade fairs and exhibitions. The area was completely reconstructed in 1999 and it offers about 30,000 m2 of exhibition space.

Summary of trade fairs and exhibitions:

  • Holiday World – Central Europe Tourism Industry Event
  • Interbeauty Prague– International Trade Fair of Cosmetics and Hairdressing
  • Jobs Expo – International Job Opportunities Fair
  • Lingua Show – International Language and Education Fair
  • Motorcycle – International Motorcycle and Accessories Exhibition
  • Pragodent – International Dental Fair
  • Sport Expo – Fair of Sporting Goods and Equipment
  • Top Gastro and Hotel – International Fair of Gastronomy Services
  • Watches and Jewels – International Exhibition of Clocks, Watches and Golden and Silver Jewellery
  • Czechbus – Specialized trade fair for buses, public transport, and garage and servicing engineering

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PVA Prague

Prague Exhibition Centre in Letňany (PVA) was established in January 1998 as a result of a two-stage competition which had been held to find a partner for the Prague City Council with the aim of developing a new Prague exhibition area. The PVA surface area is 105,000 m2. The indoor exhibition area consists of seven halls and covers 33,910 m2. Another 6,000 m2of outdoor area as well as another 25,000 m2 of indoor exhibition area in mobile halls can be additionally used. Prague Exhibition Centre is owned by PVA a. s.

Summary of trade fairs and exhibitions:

  • AMPER – International Trade Fair of Electrotechnics and Electronics
  • Bazeny, Sauny, Solaria and Wellness – International Trade Fair of Swimming Pools, Pool and Bath Technologies, Saunas, Solariums and Wellness
  • For Arch – International Building Trade Fair
  • For Babies– Trade Fair of Childrens and Baby Products
  • For Bikes – Cycling Trade Fair
  • For Caravan– Exhibition of Recreational Vehicles and Caravans
  • For Decor & Home – Trade Fair of Decorations, Home Accessories and Gifts
  • For Energo– International Trade Fair for Power Engineering, Electrotechnics, Electronics and Automation
  • For Fishing– Fishing Fair Trade
  • For Furniture – International Trade Fair of Furniture and Interior Design
  • For Garden– Trade Fair of Garden Architecture, Furniture and Technology
  • For Gastro & Hotel – Trade Fair of Gastronomic Fittings, Hotel and Restaurant Equipment
  • For Habitat– Trade Fair of Living, Furniture, Interior Equipment and Swimming Pools
  • For Industry – International Trade Fair of Engineering Technologies
  • For Interior – Trade Fair of Furniture, Interiors and Design
  • For Kids – Trade Fair of Children’s Products
  • For Pasiv – Trade Fair of Low-energy, Passive and Zero-Energy Buildings
  • For Pets – Trade Fair of Pet Supplies
  • For Senior– Trade Fair for Full-value Active Living
  • For Wood – Trade Fair of Wooden Buildings and Utilisation of Wood for Construction
  • Gaudeamus– Trade Fair of Education

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Flora Olomouc

The Botanical Gardens of Flora Olomouc Exhibition Grounds were established in the area of historic city parks in 1980. The oldest of these parks, Smetana’s Gardens, were founded in 1820’s in front of the city walls. The tradition of horticulture exhibitions which began in 1958 and continued to the present (under the name „Flora Olomouc“) has led to the construction of many pavilions. The whole exhibition grounds have been enlarged and reconstructed. Flora Olomouc is owned by Flora Olomouc Exhibition Grounds a. s. and provides 4,395 m2 of free exhibition space.

Summary of significant trade fairs and exhibitions:

České Budějovice Exhibition Grounds

Th most important exhibition named „National agricultural exhibition Země živitelka České Budějovice“ (Bread basket) has taken place here since 1972. More information about trade fairs held in České Budějovice can be found on

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(Statistical data in this article were provided by SOVA ČR)