The document sets forth the conditions and further information for obtaining the approval and registration required for conducting an activity of Handling Animal Products.

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Conditions for granting a licence

In line with the regulations of the European Communities, it is necessary to apply to the Regional Veterinary Administration for the approval and registration, or simply registration, of a business, plant or any other facility, to notify the Regional Veterinary Administration regarding the start date of the activity and not to start until the approval is granted, or registration carried out, and to communicate to the Regional Veterinary Administration any changes in the data that might be essential in terms of approval and/or registration.

Application requirements

The operator of a business that is handling animal products and is liable to approval and registration, possibly registration only, in line with the law and regulations of the European Communities, shall indicate the following in the application for approval and registration. The requirements set out by the Art. 22 paragraph 1 of the veterinary law and the Art. 32 of the Decree No. 289/2007 Coll., on the veterinary and sanitary requirements on animal products that are not directly regulated by the applicable regulations of the European Communities, as amended. This especially includes:

  1. trade name or name, registered address and identification number, where available, where a legal entity is concerned; name or names, surname, or trade name, where available, permanent residence, residential address or temporary address or business address (if the latter is different from the permanent address, residential address, or temporary address), and identification number, where available, where an individual is concerned; they shall document the said data with a certified copy of a document as to the registration of their business
  2. address of the business to which the application applies directly
  3. data on the type and scope of the activity (data on production volumes and putting animal products into circulation)

Other facts of crucial importance for assessing the application with regard to health risks for people or animals and may be submitted to the Regional Veterinary Administration in a form of corresponding attachments to the application. This especially includes:

  1. building inspection certificate or approval
  2. location of the business within the territory and identification (description) of its relevant links to the environment, i.e. in terms of transport and environmental protection (situational map)
  3. overall structural design and layout of the business, including technological equipment (business site plan and the relevant part of the construction documentation where required)
  4. detailed designation and equipment of individual operating facilities
  5. some technical details (treatment of the floors, walls, ceilings, doors, windows, sewerage system, ventilation, lighting, sanitary facilities, etc.)
  6. potable water supply (sources, water supply lines, annual water consumption plan by consumption, laboratory results of water analysis)
  7. procedures based on HACCP11) principles, actual inspection and control system for production conditions and health safety of animal products
  8. organisation of operation and plant hygiene (operating and hygiene code) and the provision of effective measures in the event of hazardous infections
  9. disinfection, pest and rodent control (coverage, means used, action plan, registration and evaluation)
  10. method of sorting, safe disposal or treatment of animal by-products, their processing or handover to a facility designated for their harmless disposal or re-use, as well as the method of disposal of other wastes

Changes in data that are of critical importance in terms of the approval and/or registration shall be communicated in writing by the business operator, indicated under Paragraph 1, to the Regional Veterinary Administration, with no undue delay, at the latest within 15 days of the change taking place. The Regional Veterinary Administration may request submission of other documents (such as regarding equipment at the site, etc.)

Further information on the licence proceedings

Type of licence

  • Approval and registration

Respective authority

  • Regional Veterinary Administration

Control and supervisory bodies

  • Regional Veterinary Administration

Procedure for granting a licence

  • The request shall be assessed and approved by the Regional Veterinary Administration.

Application clearing deadline

  • Regional Veterinary Administration will issue a decision on the registration possibly only registration in a compliance with the Act No. 500/2004 Coll., administrative procedure, as amended.


  • Approval and registration of a business CZK 500 – item 72 letter b) of the Act No. 634/2004 Coll., on administrative fees
  • Registration of a business CZK 100 – item 72 letter c) of the Act No. 634/2004 Coll., on administrative fees.

Validity period of licence

  • Unlimited term of authorisation

Legal Regulation

  • Act No. 166/1999 Coll., on veterinary care and on amending certain related Acts (Veterinary Act)

Related legal regulations

  • Decree No. 289/2007 Coll., on veterinary and hygiene requirements which are not regulated by directly applicable Community legislation, as amended.

Current Community regulations

  • European Parliament and Council Regulation (EC) No. 852/2004
  • European Parliament and Council Regulation (EC) No. 853/2004
  • European Parliament and Council Regulation (EC) No. 854/2004

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