If you are a fully qualified professional in your home country (any EU or EEA country) and you want to provide your services in the Czech Republic in the form of establishment you need to find out whether your profession is a regulated one.

The list of regulated professions and contact details of the competent authority.

If you have found out that your profession is regulated and you want to pursue your professional activity in the Czech Republic on the permanent basis, you have to get your qualification recognized. In order to do so, you have to fill in the Application form and submit it to the competent authority. There are several documents that have to be obligatorily enclosed to your application, no matter what your profession is:

  • Copy of your ID or any other document proving your nationality (the competent authority may require to see the original document)
  • Document proving that you have gained your professional qualification
  • Document proving other competence, if required
  • Confirmation of the payment of the administrative fee

All documents have to be submitted in Czech language.

The fee is 2 000 CZK. However, if the authority responsible for the recognition of your qualification is a chamber of professionals, the fee is set by their internal laws.

You can either pay the fee by a bank transfer to the account of the competent authority or by a stamp. The competent body has to decide within 60 days after you submitted your application. If there are substantial differences between your qualification and the requirements set by the Czech law, the competent body can impose a compensatory measure (adaptation period, aptitude test, etc.).

European Professional Card

Nurses responsible for general care, real estate agents, physiotherapists, pharmacists and mountain guides have the possibility to get their qualification recognized through the European Professional Card. It is a set of electronic procedures which enables the recognition of professional qualifications in quite a comfortable way, using only electronic means. The application is accessible through the YourEurope portal. The EPC declaration is valid for 18 months, in the case of professions with prior check 12 month.