Step by step guidelines

A person interested in doing business needs to know regulations related to the activity he/she intends to conduct, conditions that have to met, and permissions, certificates and stamps that have to be acquired. He/she is also concerned if application forms are available, where to send them and what happens to them afterwards.

Step by step guidelines

Most business activities fall within unqualified for which no professional competence is set as a condition for perfomance of the activity. The electronic version of Point of Single Contact (PSC) brings detailed and granted guidelines for more than 180 business activities in various sectors. The guidelines describe procedures for acquiring all permissions required for conducting a business activity, including all forms and applications.

There are business activities which require special certificates, permissons and approvals. More information are as follows, sorted by sectors.

Alternatively, all available guides are listed in the overview of all guidelines.

Agriculture: Livestock production
Plant production

Building industry





Environmental issues: Climate
Nature and landscape | Waste

Financial issues

Food industry

Healthcare: Drugs and pharmaceuticals
Medical care

Metrology, testing and technical standardisation

Other services

Personal services: Funeral | Health and beauty

Processing services


Social services

Technical services

Tourism – leisure


Veterinary services and animals:
Animal breeding | Veterinary services