Supplier of Propagating Material – registration step by step

The activity consists in the manufacture and marketing of propagating material and importing it from third countries. The material denotes vines, hop plants, fruit genera and species and ornamental plant species. The licence also relates to the production or import of vegetable planting material. Marketing refers to distribution for customers other than end consumers.

The activity may be pursued subject to registration provided by the Central Institute for Supervising and Testing in Agriculture. The application shall be submitted using the prescribed form and the institute shall carry out the registration within 30 days. In order for registration to be provided, notification of unqualified trade must first be filed.

Procedure for obtaining authorisation:

  1. Notification of unqualified trade
  2. Application for registration to import and circulate seeds and seedlings

1) Notification of unqualified trade

The notification is submitted:

  1. at any trade licence office
  2. via public administration contact points (the so-called Czech POINT) – in Czech only
  3. electronically, via the information system provided by the Register of Trade Business

Form of submission

Notification may only be submitted using the so-called Single Registration Form.

Conditions for carrying out the trade + notification requirements and appendices

If the conditions for trade notification stipulated by the Trade Licensing Act have been met, the trade licence office shall make an entry in the Trade Register within 5 days of delivery of the notification and shall issue a copy of the entry to the business person.

2) Application for registration to import and circulate seeds and seedlings

The application shall be supported with:

  • a trade licence
  • a CZK 100 stamp.
  • documentary proof attesting to compliance with the qualification requirement, which in this case means satisfying the requirements given below
  1. a university education completed with an accredited Bachelor’s or Master’s degree, or doctorate, either in agriculture or the natural sciences, with an emphasis on biology, and at least two years of practical experience,
  2. a full secondary vocational or higher vocational education in agriculture with at least two years of practical experience, or
  3. at least a secondary education in any other field, where the applicant can provide proof of at least three years of practical experience in fields relating to the application. In order to demonstrate one’s knowledge, the institute organises theoretical training that lasts at least 3 months as well as practical training, depending on the nature of the activity the authorised person intends to carry out. A full list of possible test questions (topics) for training purposes is published by the institute in its Journal.

For legal entities, the qualification criteria must be met by the authorised representative.

More information on the conditions governing the award of the registration and the licensing procedure

The authority shall grant the registration within 30 days

The business may be conducted after fulfilling all the above stated requirements.

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