An authorising inspector performs a specific activity related to building permit procedure, inspecting construction design documentation under shortened building permit procedures, drafting professional certificates, participation in site visits, making entries in the site diary or single construction entries and access to the land or construction site.

Only an authorised architect or engineer may become an authorised inspector. Persons seeking authorisation must initially take a professional eligibility test. Once they pass the test, applicants shall submit an application to be appointed an authorised inspector. The Minister for Local Development shall appoint the applicant as an authorised inspector and send them an appointment certificate.

Procedure for obtaining authorisation:

  1. Application for the test
  2. Taking the test
  3. Application for appointment as authorised inspector

1) Application for the test

  • aplication for the test
  • the applicant shall enclose all specified annexes
  • the applicant shall bear the costs of the test: CZK 14,400 (CZK 12,000 + 21% VAT) to be transferred to bank account no. 215950222/0300, quoting their CKA or CKAIT membership number in the variable code line
  • application delivery address: Koordinační rada pro autorizované inspektory, Sokolská 15, 120 00 Praha 2
  • application requirement and conditions for awarding authorisation

The Co-Ordination Council for Authorised Inspectors shall send the applicant an invitation to take the test at least 30 days in advance.

2) Taking the test

Upon the completion proceed to the next step

3) Application for appointment as authorised inspector

The Minister for Local Development shall decide on the appointment within the time limit specified in the Administrative Code (with no undue delay, 30 days at most and the Ministry for Local Development shall send the authorised inspector a certificate of appointment).

The business may be conducted after fulfilling all the above stated requirements.

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