Content of Professional Trades

The content of professional trades is included in the Annex no. 2 of the Government Decree no. 278/2008 Coll.

Consulting activities that relate directly to the content of the trade are also included in the content of the trade, unless otherwise stipulated in another legal regulation.

Geological work

Activities associated with the examination, evaluation, documentation and mapping of the development and composition of the geological structure of a territory and its patterns, searching for and exploring unspecified mineral deposits, provided this does not relate to the mining of these minerals, verifying their storage and processing geological documents for their exploitation and protection, searching for and exploring ground water resources, including national healing, table, mineral and thermal water, verifying their exploitable reserves, investigating any negative impact on their quality and quantity, and the processing of geological documents for their exploitation and protection, the detection and verification of the geological engineering and hydrogeological conditions of the territory, especially for land use purposes, documentation on construction work carried out, including the stabilisation of landslide areas, identifying and verifying geological conditions for the establishment, operation and demolition of storage facilities for gases, liquids and waste in the rock mass and underground spaces, for the industrial recovery of thermal energy from the Earth’s crust and for securing and closing old mine workings, identifying and evaluating geological agents affecting the environment, identifying and removing anthropogenic pollution in the rock mass.

Tobacco processing and the manufacture of tobacco products

Technological procedures and work operations by which raw tobacco suitable for producing tobacco products is acquired from tobacco leaves (excluding primary agricultural production). Processing tobacco into final products intended for smoking or snuffing.

Manufacture of hazardous chemicals and hazardous chemical mixtures and sale of chemicals and chemical mixtures classified as highly toxic and toxic

The manufacture of chemicals and chemical mixtures that have one or several hazardous properties for which they are, by a directly applicable regulation of the European Union governing the classification of chemicals and chemical mixtures, classified as explosives, flammable gases, flammable aerosols, oxidising gases, pressurised gases, flammable liquids, flammable solid substances, spontaneously reacting substances or mixtures, pyrophoric liquids, pyrophoric solid substances, self-heating substances or mixtures, substances or mixtures which on contact with water liberate flammable gases, oxidising liquids, oxidising solid substances, organic peroxides, substances or mixtures corrosive to metals, acutely toxic, caustic or irritant to skin, seriously damaging or irritant to eyes, respiratory or skin sensitisers, germ cell mutagenic, carcinogenic, toxic to reproduction, toxic to specific target organs for single or repeated exposure, presenting an aspiration hazard, hazardous to the aquatic environment or hazardous to the ozone layer. Sale of chemicals and chemical mixtures which are, by a directly applicable regulation of the European Union governing the classification of chemicals and chemical mixtures, classified as acutely toxic of category 1, 2 or 3, or toxic to specific target organs for single or repeated exposure of category 1. By 1 June 2015, this also covers the manufacture of chemical mixtures that have one or several hazardous properties for which they are, by another legal regulation governing the classification of chemicals and chemical mixtures, classified as explosive, oxidising, extremely flammable, highly flammable, flammable, highly toxic, toxic, harmful to health, caustic, irritant, sensitising, carcinogenic, mutagenic, toxic to reproduction and hazardous to the environment, and the sale of chemical mixtures which are, by another legal regulation governing the classification of chemicals and chemical mixtures, classified as highly toxic or toxic. The trade does not cover the handling of highly hazardous substances according to another legal regulation governing the measures pertaining to the prohibition of chemical weapons.

The trade covers the purchases of chemicals and chemical mixtures for the purpose of their resale and sale.

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Manufacture and repair of mass-produced

  • prostheses
  • body ortheses
  • limb ortheses
  • soft bandages

Mass production of prostheses, ortheses and soft bandages in terms of type, design and material. Alterations and repairs of mass-produced prostheses, ortheses and soft bandages.


The individual fabrication, supply and repair of corrective sight aids, determination of the position of pupils, inclination and deflection of the centre of spectacles and other parameters required for the production of a corrective aid designed for farsightedness, for reading purposes or for another working distance. Measuring and evaluating head parameters required for the production of corrective spectacles or other corrective aids, as appropriate, conversion, provided by a physician or an optometrist, of a specified dioptric value of astigmatic correction and calculation of a correction change in relation to its final position in front of the eye, adaptation of the produced corrective aid to the size of the user’s head in order to meet functional, hygienic, safety and aesthetic requirements. Provision of technical information on how to use and maintain corrective aids, advice on the selection of corrective frames, recommendations of appropriate types and modifications of spectacle lenses.

The trade also covers the sale and repair of spectacle frames, the mass manufacture of corrective sight aids, sun glasses and protective goggles. The sale of accessories for glasses, aids and devices designed for the maintenance and protection of corrective sight aids and eye protection devices (such as spectacle cases, cloths and liquids for cleaning lenses).

Disposal of hazardous waste

The gathering, concentration, collection, purchase, sorting, transport, storage, treatment, recycling and disposal of hazardous waste. Operating facilities for the treatment, recycling, disposal, collection or purchase of hazardous waste. Cross-border transport of hazardous waste.

The trade also covers activities associated with the gathering, concentration, collection, purchase, sorting, transport, storage, treatment, recycling and disposal of other types of waste. It also allows the transportation of human waste in sewage trucks.

Construction design

The preparation of land use planning documentation, land use studies, documentation for issuing a zoning decision or documentation for entering into a public agreement replacing a zoning decision, design documentation under the Building Act.

Construction of structures, changes thereto and demolition thereof

Construction and erection work on new buildings, modifying completed structures (superstructures, extensions, construction modifications), maintaining and demolishing existing structures under the Building Act, including the management of building construction and changes thereto. When performing the said construction work, other activities may also be performed which are associated with the implementation of structures and which form the subject of vocational trades, or possibly of permitted trades.

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Purchase and sale of cultural monuments or items of cultural value

Purchasing for the purposes of resale and sale of cultural monuments and items of cultural value based on their assessment in terms of age, origin, authorship, material, production technique, state of preservation, and, in connection with the above, determining a price corresponding to the character, quality and state of preservation of the cultural monument or the item of cultural value, processing documentation for their purchase or sale and monitoring the prices of items of cultural value on the domestic and international markets. Compliance with climatic and other conditions needed for the conservation of items prior to their sale and knowledge of and compliance with other laws governing the purchase and sale of cultural monuments and items of cultural value. Brokering the purchase and sale of cultural monuments or items of cultural value.

Trade in animals used for livestock breeding

The purchase for resale and sale of animals intended for hobby breeding (aquarium fish, small rodents and hares, dogs, cats, exotic animals, in particular birds, reptiles, amphibians, invertebrates and the like) and, in connection with the above, the sale of animals from one’s own breeding and purchase, the offer and sale of feedstuff, breeding equipment and aids for animals in hobby breeding.

Accounting consulting, bookkeeping, tax accounting

Providing advice concerning bookkeeping and tax accounting under legal regulations, especially concerning the use of accounting methods, preparing accounting documents, drafting a chart of accounts, posting accounting transactions in account books, preparing financial statements and consolidated financial statements, annual reports and consolidated annual reports, performing analyses of the financial situation of accounting entities, as well as drafting documentation (instructions) for the bookkeeping system. Implementing accounting operations in accordance with another legal regulation. Keeping tax records.

Provision or mediation of consumer loans

Activities associated with the provision or promise of consumer credit, meaning the deferral of payments, loans, credits or other similar financial services for consumers provided by a lender or broker in accordance with the Consumer Credit Act.

Performance of voluntary auctions of movables under the Public Auctions Act

Holding voluntary auctions of movable assets pursuant to the Public Auctions Act, where the auction is a public activity whose purpose is to transfer ownership or other rights to the object at auction, held on the basis of a petition by a petitioner, during which the auctioneer addresses a random group of people present at a pre-designated place or through a public website at a specific address, with a call for offers, and during which ownership or other rights to the object at auction is transferred when the auctioneer drops his/her hammer to the person who, under certain set conditions, has made the highest bid, or the same public activity which is terminated by the auctioneer because the lowest acceptable bid has not been reached. Activities involved in the preparation and organisation of an auction (in particular, ensuring publicity for an auction by an auction notice, having the subject of the auction appraised in terms of its monetary value, keeping records of auctions and ensuring the archiving of the documents of a business establishment if it is the subject of the auction).

 Valuation of property

  • movable assets,
  • immovable assets,
  • intangible assets,
  • financial assets,
  • enterprises

Activities associated with the valuation of movable and immovable assets (buildings, flats and non-residential premises, plots, permanent vegetation, including forests), intangible and financial assets and a business establishment (e.g. the valuation of property rights arising from industrial rights and rights to product names and technical manufacturing information, the valuation of rights to the relevant easements). Activities associated with the valuation of claims, valuation of assumption of liability and valuation of reinsurance provided. As requested by the client, establishing a price in accordance with the Act on Property Valuation or the market price or in some other way.

Geodesic activities

Activities during the creation, renewal and maintenance of point fields, the detailed measuring of the borders of territorial-administrative units and real property and other objects contained in cartographic works, the preparation of geometric plans and laying out borders of plots, surveying national borders, the creation, renewal and issuance of cartographic works , the standardisation of geographical terminology, the definition of spatial relations using geodesic engineering methods and remote surveys of the Earth, maintaining data in geodesy information systems, including documenting and archiving the results of geodesic activities.

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Preparation of catalogue data

A set of activities consisting in processing characteristic data regarding a product, manufacturer and supplier according to a uniform system of cataloguing in accordance with another legal regulation.

Inspection, checking and testing of specified technical equipment in operation

The inspection, checking and testing of technical equipment (pressure, gas, electric, lifting and transport equipment for protection against atmospheric and static electricity and for protection against the negative effects of reverse traction currents), used for ensuring the operation of a railway or railway transport or ski lifts.

Restoration of works of art that are not cultural monuments or parts thereof but are held in the collections of museums and galleries, or of objects of cultural value

The non-destructive examination of works in order to determine their status, structure and material and the extent of damage using historical and contemporary sources of information and to determine the method of their preservation and restoration. The conservation of works in such a way that ensures a slow-down in the decline of the physical aspect of the work and maintains them as close to their existing condition as possible. The restoration of works to the extent necessary to preserve or to restore their original appearance, based on a comprehensive knowledge of their original state, using proven technologies and materials and on the basis of an agreement with the client requesting the restoration work. Producing documentation to record the entire conservation or restoration process by taking photographs of the works before and after the conservation or restoration processes, or during their course, with a description of the techniques and technological processes followed and all the materials used and drafting instructions for the aftercare of preserved or restored works.

Special protective disinfection, disinsectization and disinfestation

  • without using toxic or highly toxic chemical substances and chemical products, excluding special protective disinfection, disinsectization and disinfestation in food-processing and agricultural operations,
  • in food-processing or agricultural operations,
  • using toxic or highly toxic chemical substances and chemical products, excluding special protective disinsectization and disinfestation in food-processing or agricultural operations

A professional activity, aimed at the eradication of infectious disease agents and carriers, epidemiologically important and harmful arthropods, rodents and other animals, to protect the health of natural persons and for the protection of living and working conditions. This activity includes the eradication of infectious disease agents and carriers, harmful and epidemiologically important arthropods, rodents and other animals without the use of chemical substances and chemical preparations that are classified as toxic or highly toxic, the eradication of infectious disease agents and carriers, harmful and epidemiologically important arthropods, rodents and other animals in food-processing and agricultural plants and rendering agents inactive and the eradication of disease carriers, harmful and epidemiologically important arthropods, rodents and other animals using chemical substances and mixtures classified as toxic and highly toxic, with the exception of special protective disinfection carried out by health care facilities and specialised activities in the field of plant care.

Tourist assistance activities in mountain areas

The activity of a mountain guide consists of organising and guiding individuals or groups in mountain areas, with the exception of areas in which glaciers, cliffs and canyons are located and any other terrain that can only be accessed using climbing techniques, climbing equipment and materials (in particular, crampons, ice axes, ropes and belay irons), where it can only been pursued in the snowy mountain terrains in undulating northern-type terrains; the trade also allows for movement on downhill or cross-country skis or walking in showshoes along marked hiking trails and routes.

The activity of a mountain leader consists of organising and guiding individuals or groups in mountain areas, including glacier, rock climbing and mountaineering on secured routes, artificial climbing walls, alpine hiking, leading and organising high-altitude expeditions, including ensuring safety.

The trade also covers information activities, the rental of climbing, mountain climbing and ski-alpine equipment and gear.

Water rescue service

Services associated with providing help and ensuring prevention in the case of accidents and drownings in swimming pools and artificial and natural bathing areas during recreational, sporting and competitive activities on large lakes and at tourist-sporting events and water sports competitions on fast-flowing („wild“) water.

Fire protection technical and organizational activity

Technical and organisation activities, which secure the obligations of legal entities and natural persons engaged in business as set out in another legal regulation, e.g. the processing of various fire protection documents, conducting training and the professional fire protection training of employees, establishing fire safety conditions for certain performed activities, checking compliance with fire protection regulations.

The provision of organisational and operational management of fire protection units is not considered to constitute a technical and organisational activity in the area of fire safety.

Provision of services related to occupational health and safety

Services associated with carrying out tasks arising from regulations on ensuring occupational safety and the safety of technical equipment that poses an increased risk to life and health, regulations establishing working conditions and basic requirements concerning the working environment and health protection at work, in particular activities related to the prevention of risks, including design measures to minimise and eliminate risks at their source, submitting expert opinions on the technical safety level of machinery and technical equipment during design, construction, manufacturing, assembly, operation, service, repair and maintenance activities. Activities associated with the introduction and implementation of elements of an occupational health and safety system in a given facility. Conducting training in the area of occupational health and safety, including testing knowledge of legal and other occupational health and safety regulations, advisory and organisational activities in the field of occupational health and safety, assistance in the investigation of accidents at work. Ensuring and carrying out tasks regarding the evaluation and prevention of risks that might threaten the life or health of employees. The activities of an occupational health and safety coordinator at a construction site during the preparation and the implementation of the construction work.

Provision of physical education and sports services in the field of

Teaching those skilled in the relevant sporting discipline and the associated organisation of sports activities for individuals and groups, including lending sports equipment, tackle and technical sports facilities. Running public physical education and sports schools.

Driving instruction

Providing instruction on rules governing the operation of vehicles, on the control and maintenance of vehicles, the theory of driving and principles of safe driving and health education training, training in the driving of vehicles, in the practical maintenance of vehicles and health training for a driving licence. Basic training of applicants for a professional certificate under another legal regulation.
The trade also covers physical and advanced training for driving license holders and training to improve the professional competence of drivers.

Organization of courses to acquire qualifications in special protective disinfection, disinsectization and disinfestation

The organisation of professional courses to acquire knowledge for the performance of special protective disinfection, disinsectisation and disinfestation activities, in particular the organisational provision of these courses, ensuring the content and scope of courses in accordance with another legal regulation, providing instructors and the actual instruction. Issuing a document attesting to the completion of the course.

Day care of children up to the age of three

The educational care of entrusted children up to the age of three in a daily or weekly cycle focused on the development of their intellectual and speech abilities, their mobility, working, musical and artistic skills and cultural and hygiene habits appropriate for the age of the child. Ensuring the health and safety of children, providing them with access to fresh air, food, sleep in an appropriately hygienic environment and providing for children’s personnel hygiene, including giving first aid.

Psychological consulting and diagnostics

Activities aimed at overcoming psychological problems of individuals and at personality development. Assistance for children and young people with behavioural disorders, disabilities, in their choice of career, as well as marriage and sports counselling. The use of relaxation techniques in educational and psychological counselling as a supplementary service, but with no therapeutic objective or effect.

Animal training

Training of animals, aimed at their appearance before the public (such as in circuses, variety shows) and on television and film.

Activities disturbing the integrity of the human skin

Decorative operations on healthy human skin with the objective of aesthetically altering its appearance in a manner through which the skin integrity is disturbed. It consists of inserting approved harmless extraneous substances such as pigments, metal objects and similar materials into the skin using sterile tools and special devices or disposable aids. The application of permanent make-up, tattooing, piercing, ear piercing, etc.

The trade does not cover the insertion of other substances used in skin health treatments, such as hyaluronic acid, botulinum toxin.

Massage, reconditioning and regeneration services

The provision of sports, reconditioning and regeneration massages (which are performed on healthy persons and do not induce healing processes), excluding reflexology massage techniques, and the provision of regeneration and reconditioning services (e.g. paraffin wraps).

Operation of solariums

Operation and maintenance of a solarium facility for immediate use by consumers so that when used the permitted radiation dose is not exceeded and thereby no health impairment occurs.

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