The content of vocational trades is included in the Annex no. 1 of the Government Decree no. 278/2008 Coll.

Butchery and meat processing

The complete reception, slaughter and butchery of slaughter animals, sorting, boning, portioning, packaging and storage of meat from slaughter animals for sale or the further processing and sale of fresh meat. Extraction and conservation of abattoir by-products. Conservation of treated meat by salting, cooling and freezing, heat processing and special treatments. Preparation of meat to ready-to-cook foods and meat products. Production of animal fats. Processing viscera for further use.
The trade also covers the abattoir processing of poultry, rabbit, venison and eggs, including the production of ready-to-cook foods, food preserves, semi-preserved food and other products from these. The processing of fish, including the production of ready-to-cook foods, preserves, semi-preserved and other products from these. The sale and portioning of ready-to-cook fresh meat. The preparation and sale of hot meats and smoked meats for immediate fast food consumption, along with additional sales of related foods (bread, bread rolls, mustard, horseradish, pickles and similar) and drinks (beer, soft drinks), provided this is carried out in the same premises as the trade in question.

Dairy farming

The reception and technological processing of raw milk. Production of dairy products and intermediate products, in particular liquid milk and flavoured, dried and evaporated milk, cream, butter, cheese, curd cheese, fermented products and yoghurt, ice creams and ice cream mixtures. The production and processing of proteinous dairy products, lactose and whey products and dairy feed mixtures.

The trade also covers the production of milk-based ice-creams and the treatment of dairy products for immediate consumption (milk shakes, spreads, ice creams) and the sale of bread, provided this is carried out in the same premises as the trade in question. Mixing dairy feed additives.


The reception, cleaning, sorting and storage of raw materials and the technological processing (mechanical and physical, in batches or continuously) of grain into flour and other mill products (semolina, dehydrated meal, fortified products, loose flakes, cereals, peeled barley, millet etc) and their mixing.

The trade also covers the production of feed mixtures based on grain, mill by-products and flour-based mixtures.

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Bakery and pastry products

The reception, storage and preparation of raw materials, the production of dough and paste, their processing (for example by rolling, pressing, spraying, dividing, whipping, modelling or cutting), heat treatment (such as baking, drying, frying, boiling, roasting or microwave heating), filling (before or after the heat treatment), and surface finishing (such as the sprinkling, icing, glazing, coating, decorating, or spreading) of bakery and confectionery products. The production of ice cream.

The trade also covers the production of cereal mixtures, products from various mixtures, expanded and extruded products, confectionery, chocolate and chocolate sweetmeats, as well as arrangements of confectionery and bakery products, ice creams, frozen creams and other specialities and the sale of coffee, tea and soft drinks. These can be served for immediate consumption in the premises where the trade is carried out.

Brewing and malting

The management and operation of chemical-physical and biotechnological processes in brewing and malting production. Production of basic raw materials, malt – receiving and inspecting malting barley, cleaning, sorting, treating, steeping, germinating, kilning, removing sprouts and roots, roasting the malt for special types of beer, and finishing. Brewing beer – milling the malt, mashing, draining off the wort, wort boiling, clarification and cooling of the wort, initial fermentation, main fermentation in fermenting cellars, fermentation in lager cellars (or alternatively controlled fermentation in tanks), filtration, stabilizing, pasteurising and bottling of beer. The production of beverages based on beer.

The trade also covers the sale of draught beer in premises that form part of the brewery.

Processing of hides and skins

Specialised work involving the processing of all types of animal hides (cowhide, horseskin, calfskin, pigskin, goatskin, sheepskin, etc.) and the finishing of hides to produce leather using physical and chemical techniques and mechanical treatments consisting of leaching, removing the hair, fleshing, tanning, dyeing, paring and cutting. Also the colouring and dying of fur, combing, epilation, refining, lubrication, lap shaving, ironing, paring, guard hair removal, lap shaving furs from blooded and breeding stock and game. Tanning of hides and fur pelts.

The trade also covers the cleaning and dyeing of leather and furs.

Application, manufacture and repair of orthopaedic footwear

Collection of specific materials for orthopaedic shoes, making positive and negative casts, including corrections and alterations of lasts, the manufacture, testing, adjustment and repair of orthopaedic footwear, inspecting utility, including the fitting and issue of individual orthopaedic shoes.

This trade also covers the repair and alteration of other types of footwear.

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Glass cutting and etching 

Cutting domestic soda potash, lead, stained and flashed glass on flat grinding, glass cutting and grinding machines, i.e. working the tops and bottoms of products, edge grinding, making cutting designs, grinding in necks, mechanical polishing and repairing. Glass frosting and etching by means of etching and frosting baths, or fluoride or hydrofluoric acid-based salts, including the creation of coating varnishes and their removal. Engraving soda potash, lead, stained and flashed glass and plastic to produce embossing.

This trade also covers painting commercial soda potash and lead glass with precious metals, colouring the surface of glass with lustres and glazes, the application of enamel to glass surfaces, including firing in kilns and the production of stained glass

Processing of rubber compounds 

Preparation and mixing of rubber compounds, rubberising, coating and drawing of materials. Preparation of raw materials or intermediates. Preparatory, building, working, vulcanising, pressing and grading activities during the manufacture and repair of tyres, inner tubes, rubber and textile conveyor belts, hoses and fittings, the production of rubber-metal elements, rubberising of various parts and components.

This trade also covers the preparation of textile and steel cords, reinforced lugs and other intermediate products for processing rubber compounds. Repair of tyres and other rubber products using cold methods. Making products from thermoplastics.

Stone working  

Stone masonry work, with the exception of activities classified as the treatment and refinement of minerals carried out in connection with their extraction, associated with the manual or machine preparation, dressing and processing of natural or artificial stone, intermediate products and products by separating (e.g. cutting, splitting or breaking), working and the surface finishing of stone (e.g. polishing), the maintenance and surface finishing of decorative and utility stoneware, making section pieces and inscriptions, mounting and jointing elements and blocks. Making and mounting period, figural and monumental products in accordance with special requirements, the installation of construction, structural and period products during the restoration of historical buildings.

The trade also covers the facing of buildings with natural or artificial stone (exteriors and interiors).

Casting of metals, modelling 

Pouring melt into casts and moulds to make castings of ferrous and nonferrous metals and their alloys and non-metallic materials, including the production of foundry moulds and cores made of sand or other materials, or metal moulds and casting moulds, including continuous casting and special casting methods. Founding, treating and maintaining the molten material. Preparation, repair and maintenance of heat-resistant technological aggregates. Releasing castings from casts and moulds. Removal of surface defects and repair of castings by welding, cementing, sealing and other techniques. Heat treatment of castings, repair and protection of the surface of castings. Inspection of castings and the development of technical documentation for production. Manufacture and repair of foundry patterns, core boxes and patterns made from wood, metal, epoxy resins, PVC and plaster for the hand and machine-production of sand casting moulds. Production of metal moulds (casts) for casting.

The trade also covers the cleaning of castings, the removal of casting patterns and burrs by hammering, cutting, burning, trimming and other special techniques for the surface treatment of castings by applying non-metallic and metallic coatings using various technologies, making moulds to create plastic forms, simple moulds for the die casting of metals and metal foundry models using techniques involving the hand cutting of metals and plastics and basic mechanical machining operations. Production of wooden models and simple cooperage and carpentry work.

Forging, horseshoeing 

Professional work manufacturing and repairing machine components, tools, implements and other products by hand or machine forging, including in particular hammer forging and drop forging of materials, rolling in forging rolls and pressing section material, curved and flat bottoms from steel or non-ferrous metals and their alloys, shaping leaf springs and springs, straightening forgings, die cuts, cut pieces and weldments. Heating charge material in furnaces and hearths. Machine and hand manufacture of horseshoes and shoeing horses.

The trade also covers activities to remove extrusions, burrs, etc, including basic hand cutting of materials, cold pressing, and simple assembly and disassembly work required to complete a product made from forging, flame or arc welding, basic heat treatment of materials, care and treatment of cattle, sheep and goat hooves and pig trotters.

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Technology for the manufacture and repair of intermediate products of various materials, parts and individual products by all methods of machine cutting, in particular, turning, milling, grinding, planing, shaping, drilling, boring, broaching and other special machining methods applied using machine tools, including newly introduced technologies for machining materials (such as laser).

The trade also covers basic methods of hand cutting to work materials that are needed to complete the manufacture of components, blasting, forming materials using cold methods (thread rolling) including the surface plating of end-products

Locksmithery, tool making 

Professional work focused on making components and parts necessary for the assembly and repair of a particular machine or machinery by manual working or simple machining, assembly and disassembly work during the repair, maintenance and adjustment of machines or machinery, apart from machines and machinery falling under the scope of other vocational or professional trades, making, assembling, disassembling, mounting, repairing, maintaining and adjusting construction locksmith products and structures made of metal materials using unified and standardised parts and products in buildings. Making, finishing, assembling, repairing and adjusting cutting and forming tools for jigging, assembly, welding, inspection and other preparations, moulds for working plastic, die metal casting and metal casting moulds using hand cutting of metals and plastics and basic mechanical machining methods.

The trade also covers the production of simple parts and components for the assembly of machines and machinery by working metal using hot and cold methods, operations to ensure the surface protection of products, flame or arc welding. Hot treatment of metals to ensure the necessary product characteristics. New metal working technologies (such as spark machining or lasers). Precision mechanical work. The manufacture and assembly of instruments and tools for human and veterinary medicine, the manufacture, adjustment, repair and installation of meters.

Galvanization, enamelling 

Chemical and electrochemical surface treatment of machine parts and machinery, utilities, musical instruments and works of art using individual techniques or by mass means on production lines by degreasing, pickling, electronic polishing, phosphate treatment and electroplating (chromium, copper, nickel, zink, tin, silver, gold, anodizing, etc.) in metallic baths. Preparation of baths for chemical and electrochemical surface treatment and preparation of enamelling suspensions, application of basic cover layers on metal parts, components and products, in particular techniques involving dipping, pouring, spraying or dusting, and the subsequent firing of a glass or ceramic coating in a kiln, including surface preparation and the application of layers using different decorative techniques such as spraying through stencils, shading, screen printing and trimming.

The trade also covers hand or machine cutting operations required to prepare intermediates, parts and products for chemical, electrochemical or enamel surface treatment and the thermal or plasma spraying of metallic and non-metallic materials. Basic methods of surface protection of products using paint, sealants, etc.

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Manufacture, installation and repair of electrical machinery and appliances, electronic and telecommunication equipment 

The manufacture, repair, installation, activation, wiring and testing of non-dedicated electrical machinery, devices and electrical equipment, in particular electric motors, transformers, regulators, switches, rectifiers, electric light sources, accumulators and batteries, in the case of equipment operating on AC voltages higher than 50 V or DC voltages higher than 75 V. The manufacture and repair of domestic electrical appliances. The manufacture and repair of electrical parts of railway vehicles and trolleybuses, electrical heat sources, devices and appliances for the regulation, monitoring and control of high-voltage electrical currents. Inspecting and checking electrical appliances. The manufacture of consumer, industrial, medical electronic products and equipment, capitalised electronic equipment, office equipment and computers connected to the low-voltage network, their installation, repair, maintenance, disassembly and assembly. Conversion of electronic equipment, controlled disassembly and assembly of capitalised electronic equipment. Installation, maintenance and service of equipment for broadcasting, transmitting and receiving information of any kind via radiowaves, optic cabling or any other method using electromagnetic waves. The basic groups of telecommunication equipment, including in particular, wire telecommunications lines in local networks, including cable sets, wire telecommunications lines in long-distance networks, including cable sets, optic fibre cable lines in local and remote networks, including cable sets, telephone exchanges including the appropriate cable networks (public telephone exchanges, PBXs, data network equipment for integrated services), radio-relay equipment (analogue, digital), transmission systems (analogue and digital including line tract, the construction of a line tract), telecommunications terminal equipment (telephones, answering machines, telex machines, facsimile machines, fax and modem cards), cable distribution systems for one-way television and radio signals (common television antennae including house wiring, telecommunications cabling), radio equipment for radio and television broadcasting (radio transmitter with frequency modulation and amplitude modulation, TV transmitters and convertors, radio distribution equipment, antenna systems, multi-point, multi-channel transmitter distribution systems), special telecommunications equipment (conventional and signal distribution equipment, communicators for alarm systems), transmitting and receiving radio equipment (stations and land-based mobile network services, community radio stations, telemetry stations, radio transmission equipment for alarm systems, messaging systems, wireless transceivers for data transmission, mobile radio stations broadcasting digital radio-telephone systems and analogue radio-telephone systems, base stations and devices for digital radio-telephone systems and analogue radio-telephone systems). Repair and unblocking of mobile phones.

The trade also covers the repair and manufacture of electrical machinery and devices powered by AC voltages lower than 50 V or DC voltages lower than 75 V, the repair, modification and replacement of electrical and electronic groups and sub-groups of road motor vehicles and machinery and the manufacture of electronic components.


The manufacture, assembly, adjustment, diagnosis and repair of mechanical, electromechanical and electronic timekeeping devices. The assembly, disassembly, maintenance, cleaning, lubrication, testing and adjustment of clock mechanisms and the manufacture, repair, modification and maintenance of the individual mechanical parts of these devices using fine mechanical technological procedures by manual tooling or machining.

The trade also covers the replacement of watch glass, straps, metal straps and batteries and their sale, as well as additional sales of domestic barometers and hygrometers, jewellery and goods made of precious metals.  

Goldsmithery and jewellery 

Making and repairing jewellery, gems and small decorative objects in all permitted combinations of precious and ordinary metals. Plating with precious metals, setting gemstones. The manufacture of decorations using precious metals, the production of manually wrought products (cassettes, trays, etc) and jewellery and the surface finishing thereof and cleaning using various working methods and technologies. Repairing gems of historic value. Assessing and valuing precious metals.

The trade also covers the purchase and sale of precious metals, including goal and precious stones and the sale of accessories including jewellery, small souvenirs, clocks and watches.

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Joinery, flooring  

Professional manual work and work using wood-working machines for the manufacture of furniture, construction joinery products (windows, doors, walls, etc), wooden structures and various industrial and utility products made of wood. The repair and refurbishment of all types of products using joinery techniques. The selection, measuring, cutting and working of cut timber and the assembly of parts or components into finished products, including surface treatment. Construction joinery work (assembly of construction joinery products, built-in furniture, fitting tongue and groove and panelling boards, cassette coverings for walls and ceilings, assembly and modification of partitions, wooden stairs, wooden accoustic screens, closets and facings). Laying and repairing various types of floors, such as timber, parquet, tongue and groove, cork, mosaic, coated and poured on a wooden, concrete, slag concrete or insulating base. Laying, sticking and welding floor coatings, laying insulation and levelling layers, screeding, sanding, polishing and filling surfaces, fixing skirting boards, etc. Sticking floor coverings on stairs, installing protective socles. Making flooring from veneered boards, laying trowelled, poured or sprayed flooring. Laying floating floors from different types of material (laminated, wood, etc).

The trade also covers the manufacture of wooden superstructures for vehicles. Simple coopery and modelling work. Installation of mass-produced furniture. Laying carpets and other floor coverings. Preparation of materials for flooring, insulation and levelling work.

Manufacture and repair of musical instruments 

Professional work manufacturing and repairing various types of accordions and mouth organs, the manufacture and repair of their wooden, metal, leather, cloth, felt, celulloid and plastic components, surface finishing of components and products by staining, varnishing, enamelling, coppering, nickel coating, chromium plating, etc, adjusting accordion and mouth organ operations and the tuning and intonation of accordions. Professional work manufacturing and repairing wind and percussion instruments from wood, metal, plastic and other materials, surface repair of components and complete products by plating with chromium, nickel, silver and brass and polishing to a mirror finish, tuning. Professional work manufacturing and repairing keyboard instruments – pianos, keyboards and organs made of wood, metal and other materials, repairing their components made of wood, metal, leather, felt, ivory, plastic etc, surface finishing by staining, varnishing and polishing, tuning and intonating. Professional work manufacturing and repairing string, plucked and strummed musical instruments from wood, metal, mother of pearl, plastic and other materials, surface repair of musical instruments, including artistic woodworking, marquetry and the inlay of resonating holes and pearl pieces.

The trade also covers the tuning of musical instruments at the customer’s home.

Repair of other transport equipment and work machinery

Repair of vehicles other than road vehicles (for example manually or electrically propelled wheelchairs), railway cars, trucks, motorised carriages, locomotives, ships and industrial machinery (i.e. machines that are equipped with working equipment). The commissioning of repaired machinery. Performing basic manual and machine operations when disconnecting, connecting and repairing machine parts. Disassembling, repairing and assembling individual parts, components, functional units and assemblies.

The trade also covers repairs of bicycles and vehicles intended primarily for sporting purposes, maintenance work and the replacement of defective parts of electrical fittings for the relevant equipment.

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Performing masonry, setting and laying tiles, concreting, fire-brick laying and chimney building work in the construction, reconstruction, conversion and repair of modern and historical buildings. This concerns specialised work focusing on the building of supporting and non-supporting walls, partition walls and arches from bricks, blocks and stone, walling sewerage and water management facilities, internal and external plastering, spray plastering. The installation of pre-fabricated lintels, stairs, door frames, windows, railings, cornices, soot doors and the like, including concreting building structures. Building structures from glass concrete, carrying out additional insulation of walls in historic and other buildings, using complex plasters or multi-coloured graffito. The making and repair of exterior and interior paving from tiles and different types and sizes of mosaic, standard internal lining of walls, ceilings and pillars, tiling stairs, creating terrazzo or terrazzo tile floors, laying stone paving slabs or so-called Venetian tiles, indoor mosaic tiling (for swimming pools, operating theatres, etc) or the external tiling of pedestals or facades using all types of tiling materials and traditional and newly introduced technologies, laying tiles with pictures and inscriptions or working according to artistic designs. The installation and construction of supporting and non-load bearing walls, flat and sloped suspended ceilings, dry floors and wall facings and columnar structures by dry fabrication systems using established technological methods, including constructions needing to be fire proofed in renovated, extended, installed and newly constructed residential and industrial buildings. Cladding the periphery of buildings with insulation using contact and non-contact insulation systems. The artistic application of plaster for fine construction work, making interior and exterior decorations for buildings from plaster, artificial stone or other materials, the modelling and casting of broken statues, reliefs and sculptures, the creation of complex models and miniatures for film and theatrical purposes, making graffito.

The trade also covers the demolition or rehabilitation of building structures, fire-brick work, including the repair of industrial furnace linings, lining chimneys with ceramic materials, the production of light-weight movable walls, double floor installations, installation shafts, partition walls from plaster or other similar blocks or panels and special acoustic constructions, the surface treatment of structures from materials containing gypsum (by filling, stucco, etc), the mounting of covings, shutters, blinds, ventilation grilles, decorative trim etc.

Installation, repair, inspection and testing of electrical equipment

Installation, repair, testing and inspections of dedicated electrical technical equipment intended for the generation, transformation, transmission, distribution and consumption of electrical energy (in particular power plants, transformer stations, substations, overhead lines, power lines, equipment supply and switching stations and fixed electric traction equipment), electrical installations (in particular the implementation, construction supervision and verification tests of designed systems, networks, circuits and plumbing) and equipment designed to protect against atmospheric or static electricity (lightning conductors and equipment for surge protection). The maintenance of the public lighting system.

The trade also covers preparatory and finishing work related to the performance of electrical fitting work.

Installation, repair and reconstruction of cooling equipment and heat pumps

Repairing and replacing parts or subassemblies of cooling and freezing equipment and heat pumps, building and repairing freezers, making cooling circuits from piping, building, repairing and testing cooling and freezing equipment, building, repairing and testing cooling parts of air-conditioning equipment and automobile air-conditioning systems, building, testing and overhauling vacuum and cascade cooling circuits, condensing cooling units and heat pumps, carrying out required pressure tests or leakage tests, repairing and functional testing of equipment for ice sublimation with relay or electronic controls, including the adjustment of programming and registration circuits.
The trade also covers the assembly, disassembly, repair, adjustment and comprehensive testing of refrigeration circuits. Repairing electrical and electronic components of refrigeration equipment, air conditioners and heat pumps.

Plumbing, heating

The installation, repair and maintenance of internal cold and hot water, sewerage and gas distribution systems (including attachments) including the installation of fittings and appliances and the performance of pressure tests (including commissioning) in residential, civil and industrial buildings using mechanical coupling, gluing, welding, soldering or other technologies. The installation, reconstruction, repair and maintenance of internal heating distribution systems, exchange and residence stations, irrespective of the medium used, including the installation of fittings and appliances (including commissioning), the performance of tests and the regulation of central heating systems in residential, civil and industrial buildings using the full range of installation technologies.

The trade also covers basic and finishing work relating to plumbing activities, including the connection of air conditioning, work related to the installation of boilers, radiators and distribution pipelines, including ancillary construction work.

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Installation, repair, inspection and testing of gas equipment and the filling of vessels with gas  

Installation, repair, inspection and testing of dedicated gas equipment, namely equipment for the production and treatment of gas, the storage and transport of gas, and the filling of vessels with gas, including pressure stations, the liquefaction and evaporation of gas, increasing and decreasing gas pressure, gas distribution, gas consumption by combustion. For the purposes of this Decree, gas shall be deemed to be a substance whose critical temperature is lower than +50 °C, or a substance whose absolute pressure (vapour pressure) is higher than 0.3 MPa at a temperature of +50 °C. Filling vessels with gas, operating LPG and compressed gas filling stations. Carrying out any gas fitting operations, making connections for gas appliances, the installation of domestic gas distribution systems with accessories, the installation of appliances permanently connected to the gas distribution system and all filling stations for LPG, natural gas and the like.

The trade also covers the installation, repair, inspection and testing of unspecified gas equipment and preparatory and finishing work related to gas fitting work.

Installation, repair, inspection and testing of pressure equipment and gas vessels 

Activities associated with the installation, repair, retrofitting, inspection and testing of specified gas equipment, such as steam and liquid boilers, whose design pressure exceeds 0.07 MPa and where the temperature of the working fluid exceeds the boiling point at this pressure, stationary pressure vessels whose highest operating pressure exceeds 0.07 MPa and which contain gases, vapour or caustic, poisonous and explosive liquids of any temperature, or any liquids with a temperature that exceeds their boiling point with an overpressure of 0.07 MPa, pressurised metal gas containers for the transportation of gases whose critical temperature is lower than +50 °C, or gases whose absolute pressure (vapour pressure) is higher than 0.3 MPa at a temperature of +50 °C. Repair and inspection of fire extinguishers.

The trade also covers the installation, repair, inspection and testing of non-dedicated pressure equipment and preparatory and finishing work related to the installation and repair of pressure equipment.

Installation, repair, inspection and testing of lifting equipment 

Installation, repair, inspection and testing of dedicated lifting equipment, e.g. hoists and mobile hoists with a loading capacity of over 5,000 kg (such as block and tackle and cat hoists), cranes with a loading capacity of over 5,000 kg, mobile working platforms with a lifting height exceeding 3 m, building lifts with a lifting height of over 3 m, which are also used to transport people, lifts that are a permanent part of construction sites with a loading capacity exceeding 100 kg and with a lifting height exceeding 2 m and shelf stackers with vertically mobile operating positions.

The trade also covers the installation, repair, inspection and testing of lifting equipment and preparatory and finishing work related to the installation and repair of lifting equipment.


Insulation of buildings, structures and other facilities against the adverse effects of heat, cold, noise or vibration, against ground and atmospheric moisture, pressure and corrosive water, acid-proof and fire-proof insulations using various kinds of insulation materials. Installation and repair of soft roofing, comprehensive roof cladding of flat roofs, thermal insulation of roofs, lining panel gables using various boards made of insulating materials and the implementation of thermal insulation of external piping. Insulation of walls and floors against vibrations, insulation of walls using insulating materials, lining walls with insulating boards or partitions from foam concrete blocks. The installation and repair of acid-proof insulation, for example in metal-working factories, the chemical and textile industry and food processing points using traditional and newly introduced technologies. Spraying steel structures with insulation material.

The trade also covers basic masonry and other work to prepare surfaces for insulation work. The thermal insulation of gypsum walls.

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Painting, varnishing, coating 

Painting, varnishing and coating work in the interiors and exteriors of modern and historical buildings; base preparation for painting, removal of old paint, surface conditioning using painting mixtures and trowel finish material, their smoothing, sanding, application of scrim, application of bonding primers and stain covering. Lime, glue, dispersion, silicate and other types of painting, including toning; the application and renewal of lincrusta, decorative painting techniques, roller coating, lining, stencilling, batik application, decorative spraying, special painting techniques. Varnishing and coating of metals, wood, plastic, plaster, concrete and other materials. The application of special varnishes, coatings and techniques (applying patina, marbling, graining, spraying etc).

The trade also covers any wallpapering work and the preparation of surfaces, the sticking of decorative elements (mouldings, rosettes, borders etc), gilding, signwriting work, the preparation of surfaces under paint and varnish (sealing, sanding, filling, etc), removing old paints and coatings using mechanical or chemical methods and hot or plasma spraying of metallic and non-metallic materials.

Roofing, carpentry  

Surface finishing of bodywork and its parts by cementing, sanding and painting (spraying), replacement of vehicle windscreens and windows and bodywork sealing elements. The application of anticorrosive agents. Protecting bodywork paint, including additional components, against exposure to the weather. and various insulating inserts for boarding and lathing on concrete surfaces supporting roofs of various shapes and pitch. Repair of coverings for ridges, corners, valleys and gutters. The application, repair, mounting and lining of atypical roof metal fittings (ornamental weathervanes, spires, crosses, roof windows, skylights, circular roof lights and others) using original covering techniques or copying historical styles and designs when restoring monuments. The manual and machine working of wood using all types of carpentry joints, the manufacture, assembly (mounting) and repair of various carpentry products and constructions and the restoration of monuments. Structural carpentry following construction drawings, boarding work for the mounting of buildings and building structures and structural elements, the manufacture and installation of rafters, nailed cross beams and trusses, cladding roofs under the roof covering, making ceilings. Making walls from wood-based materials, exterior or interior lining using planks, laying and repairing wooden floors, making and installing stairs, etc. The manufacture of wooden products, such as mortised tables and benches, timber doors, window blinds, ladder steps, sliding and revolving doors, wooden wagons and sleighs, various types of historical coverings, copies of historical roof windows, dormer windows, etc.

The trade also covers simple masonry work during the repair of roof coverings, the removal of ice from roofs and cleaning roofs, the manufacture of drawbars, wheelbases, rakes and snathes, and the performance of simple carpentry and cooperage work (such as making shelves, splicing and pasting simple mosaic parquet patterns, hand nailing boxes, cutting, punching, riveting and rolling hoops for barrels and light vats). Laying planed wooden floors in sports facilities (halls, cycle tracks, etc). Packing or lining walls and roofs with insulation boards.

Tinsmithery and repair of vehicle bodies 

Manual and machine cutting and forming of soft sheet metal and sheets from non-ferrous metals. Making, assembling and repairing construction panelwork products from these materials by cutting, bending, punching, tapping and grooving, for example for gutters, drain pipes and bent tubes, roof windows, as well as sheeting roofs, making, assembling and repairing sheet coverings and similar products. Making products of section material with small cross-sections. Assembling parts into assembly units by soldering, welding and riveting. Making sheet metal vessels, tanks, air conditioning equipment, covers and various sheet metal parts for machines. Repair of bodywork for motorised and non-motorised passenger vehicles, lorries, special vehicles and trailers, self-propelled and attached operating machinery, functional superstructures and their parts, repair of damaged parts by hand or machine by forming, straightening, pulling, hammering or filling by welding, finishing and fitting out the surfaces thereof.

The trade also covers simple hand metalwork, spot, seam, flame and arc welding, the installation and repair of plastic eaves and gutters and other structural units. Inserting metal liners in chimneys. Surface finishing of bodywork and its parts by cementing, sanding and painting (spraying), replacement of vehicle windscreens and windows and bodywork sealing elements. The application of anticorrosive agents. Protecting bodywork paint, including additional components, against exposure to the weather.

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The design, construction, reconstruction, assembly, disassembly and repair of tile stoves, solid fuel kitchen stoves, fireplaces, stove and fireplace inserts, smokehouses, ovens, grills, including equipment for exhausting flue gases, and other individually designed or mass-produced local solid fuel heating devices. The construction, repair and reconstruction of historic local heating devices. Connecting local heating devices, including hot-air and hot-water exchangers, to chimney flues.

The trade also covers the design, installation and testing of hot-air mains, the insertion of chimney linings, simple masonry, tiling and working with fire clay and the repair of linings for industrial furnaces.

Repair of road vehicles 

Diagnostics, repair, maintenance, service and guarantee inspections of motorbikes, mopeds, motorcycles, three- and four-wheel ATVs, passenger cars, buses, lorries, special vehicles, towing vehicles, trailers and tractors; diagnostics, repair, alteration and replacement of mechanical, pneumatic and hydraulic assemblies and subassemblies of vehicles. The trade covers vehicle repairs, the repair and renewal of vehicle systems, components and separate technical units, the installation of equipment, accessories and car alarms, diagnostics and adjustment of vehicle operating parameters, including emissions.

The trade also covers the repair, adjustment and replacement of electrical assemblies and subassemblies, the installation and repair of equipment for motor vehicles powered by gas (LPG), changing tyres, wheel balancing, the application of anticorrosive equipment, the replacement of operating fluids and maintenance of the surface of vehicles. Body repair of road vehicles, in particular their assembly and disassembly by means of demountable interchangeable parts, flame or arc welding.


Hairstyling for men, women and children, involving in particular creating razor, blunt or special stylish haircuts, washing hair and shaping it by water, blow-drying, permanent and other waving methods, the bleaching, rinsing, streaking and dyeing of hair. Shaving facial hair and styling moustaches and beards by trimming and their rinsing and dyeing. Dyeing eyebrows. Performing various types of scalp and skin massages using cosmetics. Preparatory treatment and regeneration of hair. Modification of eyelashes and eyebrows. Designing haircuts and hairstyles.

The trade also covers the manufacture of simple wigs (toupees), hair accessories and hairpieces.

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Dyeing and chemical treatment of textiles 

The dyeing of all types of textile materials and their blends in various forms (loose material, yarn in hanks, on warping reels, fabrics, knitted fabrics, woven fabrics etc) on all types of machinery and equipment using various types of dyes. Preparation of chemicals, dyes and dye baths and solutions following specific prescriptions. Making samples of dyed textile materials with calculations based on the requisite prescription. Treatment of fibre stock, yarns and loose fabrics by calendering, equalising, drying in calendars, padders and centrifuges, boiling, bleaching, pressing, cropping, drying, impregnation, mercerising, soaking, steaming, washing and developing, sanforising, beating, etc. Preparation of finishing baths, designing and overlaying or coating of technical textiles. Control and operation of combined treatment lines including the testing of refined textile products.

This trade also covers the dyeing of textile products, batik dyeing and printing.

Cleaning and washing of textiles and clothing 

Chemical-technological processes for cleaning yardage fabrics and completed textile products, including the preparation of basic chemical substances and additives, technological cleaning and dyeing processes and any subsequent additional chemical treatment (impregnation, finishing, etc). Washing of textiles and clothing for wholesale.

The trade also covers washing for domestic households, ironing linen, clothing and other products by hand or machine, making pleating moulds and pleating. Cleaning feathers, raw wool, yarn, non-woven textiles, leather and fur.

Chimney sweeping  

Cleaning, testing, monitoring and inspection of chimneys, flue ducting and fuel appliances, cleaning and inspection of solid, liquid and gas fuel boiler flue passes, cleaning and checking technological appliances – baking, confectionery and other industrial furnaces, including steam and cremation. Cleaning and checking flue ways, technical examination of hearths and ascertaining defects of heating equipment in industrial facilities. Performing final building inspections of chimneys, flue ducting and heating devices, performing inspections of safety equipment for flue ways, performing reliability tests of all chimney structures; issuing reports on the inspection or the cleaning of flue ways and reports on checks made on flue ways. The installation, repair and inspection of equipment used to control and optimise the chimney draught.

The trade also covers minor repairs of solid fuel heating appliances and repairs to flue ducting and chimneys. Installation and repair of straddle scaffolding and climbing irons. Basic stove fitting for the repair of heating devices. Insertion of chimney liners. Assembly and disassembly of modular ceramic and metal chimneys and chimney systems. Measuring the efficiency of combustion sources, measuring the volume of substances discharged.

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Catering services  

Activities consisting of the preparation and sale of meals and drinks for immediate consumption in the facility in which they are sold.

The trade also covers the provision of accommodation in any type of accommodation facility (e.g. hotel, motel, campsite or hostel) and in residential buildings, houses or family recreation centres. Provided the nature of the trade is preserved, sales can also be made through vending machines (drinks and refreshments), as complementary sales (such as tobacco products, souvenirs and basic toiletries), off-licence sales of food and drinks, the loan of newspapers and magazines, the loan of board or party games (such as cards or chess), and organising games (e.g. billiards, bowling, etc).

Cosmetic services  

The application of cosmetic preparations intended for whole body skin care, for the purpose of improving and maintaining its appearance and to slow down signs of aging (skin care cosmetics), excluding massage procedures. Decorating human skin, including the application of make-up and decorating by means of special pencils and colours temporarily dyeing the skin surface (decorative cosmetics). The application of masks and non-warming wraps, final conditioning, expert application of make-up, eyelash and eyebrow colouring, application of false eyelashes, eyebrow treatment, depilation and epilation. Cosmetic massage in the area of the face, neck and lower neck – excluding eyeball massages over the eyelids. The appropriate cosmetic devices, cosmetic preparations, cosmetic procedures and technologies shall be used to perform cosmetic services (e.g. skin diagnosis, surface cleaning of the skin, peeling, steaming, removing blackheads and whiteheads without drawing blood). The treatment of mucous membranes, the handling of birthmarks, disturbing the integrity of the human skin through the injection of extraneous substances, manicures, pedicures and massage services are not authorised.

The trade also covers the offer of advisory services, including colour typology counselling, make-up for modelling, photographs, film, television, theatre and the evaluation of cosmetic preparations.

Pedicure, manicure  

Foot and hand care, skin softening and the treatment, polishing, cutting and filing of nails. Nail shaping. Application of masks and hand massage, including the forearm, giving special foot and hand baths. Special nail and skin care operations (such as the release of ingrown nails, the filing of hard skin on the heels and around the nails). Professional advisory services.

The trade also covers the performance of depilation, foot and instep massages, with the exception of special massages such as pressure, lymphatic, etc.

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