In the document you will find the conditions for obtaining a permit to conduct the restoration of cultural heritage and other information about the licensing procedure.

For information on temporary or occasional provision of services of restoring or renovating cultural monuments visit Renovating cultural monuments – temporary or occasional performance.

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Conditions for granting a licence

  • The applicant may be only a natural person
  • Legal capacity
  • Integrity (having a clean criminal record, according to  Act No. 20/1987 Coll. (67 kB) is not considered a person who has been convicted of an offense committed in connection with restoration even if it looks as if he himself was not convicted)
  • Professional requirements that demonstrate the fulfilment of qualifications according to § 14a, paragraph 4 letter a) of Act No. 20/1987 Coll., and professional eligibility according to § 14 paragraph 4 letter b) of Act No. 20/1987 Coll.

Application requirements

  • The application must define the requested restoration specialization

The application shall include:

  • Completed registration questionnaire
  • Certified copies of qualifications and professional experience if the subject of the procedure for the recognition of professional qualifications and other eligibility under the law on the recognition of professional qualifications does not concern a natural person
  • Documentation of at least 3 restoration works on objects that are not part of cultural heritage, with at least 1 of them not older than 2 years and carried out within the restoration specialization for which the application for the restoration license is being made

Further information on the licence proceedings

Type of licence

  • Permission from the Ministry of Culture

Respective authority

  • Ministry of Culture

Control and supervisory bodies

  • Ministry of Culture
  • Regional office
  • Municipal authority with extended competency

Application clearing deadline

  • The deadline is 30 days in accordance with the Administrative Code


  • 500 CZK pursuant to Act No. 634/2004 Coll., Administrative Fees

Validity period of licence

  • The permit has no expiration date

Legal Regulation

Professional liability insurance

  • No professional liability insurance is required

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