Organizing an educational program for medical fields means preparing the professions of doctor, dentist, and pharmacist with the goal of obtaining specialized qualifications.

Those interested in organizing educational activities for medical fields shall apply to the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic for accreditation.

Application for the grant of accreditation

The application for:

  1. a field of specialized education
  2. additional professional practice
  3. a certified course

shall be addressed by the applicant to the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic.

The application shall be supplemented with:

  1. Application form for the grant/renewal of accreditation for organizing an educational program with the signature of the statutory body (the statutory body is the managing director or executive director or chairman of the board or a natural person who submits the application).
  2. Questionnaire that provides information about the personnel and material-equipment provisions, including information about organizing the entire spectrum of the educational program or a comprehensive part of the educational program.
  3. The application must be accompanied by a plan of the postgraduate preparation of trainees, including a plan to meet the obligations set out in the educational program. If the workplace provides more than one part, the curriculum shall always be submitted.
  4. Documents attesting to the specialized qualifications or other professional qualifications of natural persons (guarantors, instructors) responsible for the course of the specialized education or additional professional practice in a particular workplace (copy)
  5. Extract from the Commercial Register (copy). Submitted by a legal person.
  6. Proof of registration of a private healthcare facility (copy). Submitted by a natural person.
  7. Foundation charter (copy). Submitted by a healthcare facility.
  8. If the applicant provides an educational program in its entirety but does not provide its own resources, it is necessary to include a list of contractual facilities in the application and enclose a cooperation agreement with another accredited workplace in the application.
  9. If the applicant provides part of an educational program, the application shall contain the specification of the part of the educational program (i.e. a comprehensive part defined by the educational program). A contractual facility with no accreditation must be accredited under the accreditation process of the applicant, and together with the agreement, a questionnaire about the personnel and material-equipment provisions of the coworker’s facility and documentation of the professional qualifications of the instructors at the coworker’s facility must accompany the application.
  10. The agreement must include these particulars: designation of the parties, including registered address and ID;
  • names of the statutory bodies;
  • the agreement must lay down mutual rights and obligations;
  • the method of settling any damages and compensation;
  • information about whether the performance of the agreement is free of charge, or give the price for performing contractual arrangements;
  • information about any delays;
  • the name of the educational program and the specification of a part of the educational program, including the length and number of months.

11. The application shall be sent in triplicate in three written copies (1 original and 2 copies) along with an electronic version (CD).
12. Proof of payment of the administrative fee (a revenue stamp for 1,000 CZK, which is affixed to the application in the designated place). The ministry shall not be liable for the loss of any revenue stamp that is not affixed.

Applications are available for download at the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic website:

Further information on the licence proceedings

The authority shall decide on granting the accreditation within 4 months + 60 days

The business may be conducted after fulfilling all the above stated requirements.