Verifying Professional Eligibility – authorisation step by step

The authorised person is someone who is authorised to verify, using a method specified in the relevant assessment standard, the applicant`s professional competence or compliance with the criteria for professional eligibility – i.e., the authorisation to examine and issue certificates recognising partial qualification.

The applicant shall first select the group of vocations or type of professions for which they would like to verify professional eligibility. Authorising bodies vary depending on the type of professional eligibility the applicant seeks to verify. After selecting the body in charge, the applicant shall file a written application for authorisation. The body shall decide on issuing authorisation within 30 days.

Procedure for obtaining authorisation:

  1. Selection of the authorising body
  2. Submitting an application for authorisation

1) Selection of the authorising body

The authorising body is the relevant ministry under whose competence the given profession falls. For instance, in order to obtain the partial qualification of Baker, the applicant shall apply to the Ministry of Agriculture; in order to obtain the partial qualification for Catering and Accommodation Services, the applicant shall apply to the Ministry for Regional Development. Applicants now have available a list of qualifications grouped under their related ministerial departments.

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2) Submitting an application for authorisation

Individuals shall attach the following to the application

Evidence of the applicant having full legal capacity. Proof might involve, for example, attaching a document attesting to the fact that, pursuant to Article 8(3) 3 Act No. 133/2000 Coll., as amended, the applicant has been provided with data kept on him – or herself in the civilian registry information system regarding any withdrawal or restriction of eligibility to take legal acts; this data may be provided by the Ministry of Interior, regional authorities, municipalities with extended powers and (in Prague) urban neighbourhoods as designated by the Statute of the Capital Prague, or (in Brno, Ostrava and Plzeň) neighbourhood municipalities or municipal districts, where specified by the statutes of other municipalities, or the territorial military authorities (in military-controlled areas).

  • Document attesting to the age of the applicant
  • Solemn declaration by the applicant or annexed documentation demonstrating that no bankruptcy has been declared against the assets of the applicant during the past 5 years, no insolvency procedure has been initiated against them, the applicant is not being wound up, no petition of bankruptcy has been rejected due to any insufficiency in the applicant’s assets, that no bankruptcy proceedings have been withdrawn following compliance with a settlement resolution and no bankruptcy proceedings have been withdrawn on the grounds of the applicant’s assets being insufficient to cover the costs of the bankruptcy. Instead of documenting compliance with the aforesaid conditions, the applicant may instead choose to submit a solemn declaration to the same effect.
  • Documentation attached to prove that the applicant has not had any tax arrears during the last 5 years. This confirmation may be obtained from the local financial authority
  • An attached document to demonstrate that the applicant has no arrears in insurance payments or outstanding fines on their health insurance. The applicant may obtain this document from their health insurance company
  • An attached document to demonstrate that the applicant does not have any arrears in social insurance or outstanding fines in welfare or government employment contributions. The applicant may obtain such a document from his or her local social security authority.
  • Document in support of the applicant’s professional eligibility. The document may be a diploma or equivalent, etc. The format of the document depends on the assessment standard for each qualification.
  • Document attesting to at least 5 years of professional practice, the performance of which requires the same professional eligibility the applicant intends to verify on behalf of other entities, should the applicant be authorised. The document might be, for instance, confirmation from an employer or any other document clearly indicating the content and type of work in which he or she is engaged.
  • Solemn declaration on the applicant’s familiarity with the current trends in the area of partial qualifications indicated in the request and in relation to the corresponding professions.
  • Document attesting to possession of the material and technical requirements to conduct the exam as specified under Article 18 of the Act on Higher Education, pursuant to the assessment standard for the specific qualification concerned (with code).
  • Document attesting to payment of the administrative fee unless, payment is provided by means of a stamp.

In addition, legal entities must attach to their application personal identification data on each individual designated by the applicant, or who is a member of the applicant, an associate, a statutory body, a member of the applicant’s statutory board, the applicant’s employee or any other person in an employment or any other contractual relationship with the applicant, and who will pursue the activity of authorised person with authorisation for partial qualification, indicated under Part B of the application, or on behalf of the applicant as an authorised representative, as well as other data indicated in the sample application form (in Czech).

Further information on the licence proceedings

The authority shall complete authorisation within 30 days.

The business may be conducted after fulfilling all the above stated requirements.

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