Independent Loss Adjuster – licencing step by step

An independent loss adjuster operates under an agreement concluded with an insurance company, on its behalf and at its expense. They are in charge of investigations required to assess the insurance company’s obligation to settle insurance claims in accordance with the policy concerned.

An independent loss adjuster must be listed in the register maintained by the Czech National Bank. The applicant shall submit an application for entry into the register. Where the applicant complies with all mandatory requirements, they shall be included by the Czech National Bank onto the list within 60 days. The Czech National Bank shall provide the registered person with a certificate of inclusion in the register.

Procedure for obtaining authorisation:

Application for inclusion onto the register of independent loss adjusters

The application shall include the following:

  1. Name or names, surname, date of birth, residential address, identification number and trade name (where applicable), place of business and for individuals with a residential address in a third country, the permanent or long-term residential address in the Czech Republic,
  2. scope of activity performed by the independent loss adjuster according to insurance sectors and the territory in which the activity is to be performed,
  3. envisaged start date of the independent loss adjuster,
  4. identification number, if applicable.

The application shall include:

  1. Document attesting to completion of vocational education or professional exam passed, or documents attesting to the applicant’s professional eligibility and each person who the individual employs and who has a direct contribution to the brokering activity in the insurance sector,
  2. documents attesting to the probity of the applicant,
  3. insurance policy contract covering liability for damage caused in the pursuit of activities as an independent loss adjuster.

Further information on the application and licensing procedure

The Czech National Bank shall decide on the inclusion into the register of independent loss adjusters within 60 days of the delivery of a written application. The Czech National Bank shall provide the registered person with a certificate of inclusion in the register.

The business may be conducted after fulfilling all the above stated requirements.

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