The production of spirits by distillation or other separation from fermented sugar solutions from starchy or sugary material or from other raw materials containing fermented alcohol, treating spirit obtained in this way by refinement or denaturising and producing alcoholic beverages whose production by distillation directly creates at least part of the ethanol contained in these beverages (pure distillate, cut distillate and distillate produced by special traditional methods), with the exception of the production of fruit distillates obtained from the grower’s own distillation. The cold production of alcohol and spirits for consumption (mixing) and the production of other alcoholic beverages, with the exception of the production of beer, fruit wine, other wines and meads. The sale of fermented spirits, consumer spirits and alcohol.

Applicants wanting to carry on the permitted trade must obtain the decision granting the trade permit from a trade licence office. The trade permit is granted following a written application. The Ministry of Agriculture shall express its opinion regarding the application.

Application for a license

The application shall be submitted:

  1. at any trade licence office
  2. via public administration contact points (the so-called Czech POINT) – in Czech only
  3. electronically, via the information system provided by the Register of Trade Business

Form of submission:

The application may only be submitted using the so-called Standard Registration Form.

Conditions for conducting the trade + application requisites and appendices

More specifics/annexes to the application

For the production and processing of fermented alcohol, drinking alcohol, spirits and other alcoholic beverages (except for beer, fruit wines, other wines and mead, and growers‘ own fruit distillates)

The application shall be accompanied by material demonstrating professional qualification. In this case, it means:

  1. university education in a study programme and study field focusing on food-processing technology, chemistry, agriculture, pharmacy, medicine or veterinary medicine, or

  2. higher education in a field processing technology, chemistry, agriculture, pharmacy, or veterinary medicine and three years’ professional experience, or

  3. secondary education with a school-leaving examination in a field of study focusing on food-processing technology, chemistry, agriculture, or in the field of pharmaceutical manufacturing laboratory technician, and three years’ professional experience, or

  4. a retraining certificate or other evidence of professional qualifications for the relevant work activities, issued by an establishment accredited in accordance with specific legislation, or by an establishment accredited by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, or by a ministry in whose purview the sector in which the trade is operated falls, and three of study focusing on food and three years’ professional experience, or

  5. documents under Section 7(5)(a), (b), (c), (d) or (e) of the Trade Licensing Act

The applicant further attaches to the application the following documents:

  1. a description and drawing of the layout of the distillery production equipment,
  2. technical (project) documents of the distillery production equipment, and
  3. evidence of the owner’s right, right to use, or other similar right to the facility and the production equipment of the said distillery.

If all requirements have been met, the Trade Licensing Office will issue a decision on the application for a license within 30 days of receipt of the application at the local Trade Licensing Office. If the license is granted, the Trade Licensing Office will register it in the Trade Licensing Register within 5 days from the date of granting the license and issue a certificate to the business.

The business may be conducted after fulfilling all the above stated requirements.

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