The activities of a non-governmental facility are the provision of health care at a health facility not established by the state.

Persons wanting to operate a non-governmental health facility must apply for registration to the regional authority serving the region in which the non-governmental health facility is operated.

Application for registration

The application must be supported with:

  1. documentary proof of educational qualification (medicine, dentistry and pharmacy pursuant to Act No. 96/2004 Coll. on the medical professions of doctor, dentist and pharmacist, or a non-medical professional pursuant to Act No. 96/2004 Coll., on non-medical health professions. Where the applicant does not possess the required educational qualification, they shall provide contracts of employment for those staff members who do.
  2. proof of medical fitness,
  3. approval by the respective body in charge of registration for the staffing arrangements and material provision, as well as approval for the type and scope of health care provided by the non-governmental establishment concerned, pursuant to Decree No. 49/1993 Coll., on technical and material requirements for equipping healthcare facilities. Where the establishment operated is a pharmacy, a certificate of material and technical equipment shall be issued by the State Drugs Control Institute,
  4. approval from the Ministry of Health, when establishing a centre for identifying donors of haematogenous cells or a transplantation centre carrying out the removal and transplantation of organs,
  5. approval from the Ministry of Health with the practices and methods of assisted reproduction where the implementation of assisted reproduction methods and procedures is concerned,
  6. a certificate of authorisation to pursue the medical profession without expert supervision, issued by the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic
  7. a code of procedure approved by the locally competent regional public health authority (krajská hygienická stanice)
  8. approval by the State Drugs Control Institute of the material and technical equipment where running a dispensary for medical devices concerned,
  9. approval by the Czech Spa and Spring Inspectorate where a non-governmental spa care facility is concerned
  10. approval by the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic where a non-governmental facility operated by a foreign legal entity or individual is concerned, save for EU Member State nationals or legal entities complying with conditions under Article 48 of the Treaty Establishing the European Community,
  11. contract with a governmental health facility or non-governmental facility (the effectiveness of which is subject to a decision on registration), where health care is to be provided pursuant to a lease contract,
  12. data required for an extract from the Criminal Register.
  13. document attesting to payment of the administrative fee amounting to CZK 1000.

With regard to the complex nature of the licensing procedure, it is recommended that the relevant regional authority be consulted beforehand to discuss the requirements of the application.

Further information on licence proceedings

Registration within 30 days

The business may be conducted after fulfilling all the above stated requirements.

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