An accredited provider of certification services is a natural person, legal person or a government department that issues certificates and keeps records of them, or that provides other services related to electronic signatures, and whose accreditation was granted under Act No. 227/2000 Coll., on electronic signatures.

Those interested in performing the activities of an accredited provider of certification services must apply for a grant of accreditation from the Ministry of Interior of the Czech Republic.

Procedure for obtaining authorisation:

Application for the grant of accreditation

  1. Proof of authorization to perform business activities (e.g. business license, extract from CR, etc.);
  2. information about what qualified certification services the applicant intends to provide;
  3. material, personnel and organizational requirements – so-called secure documentation, which is defined in § 4 et seq. Act No. 378/2006 Coll., on the procedures of qualified certification service providers (link);
  4. document on the use of a secure system according to the norms CWA 14167-1, ČSN ETSI TS 101 456 and ČSN ETSI TS 102 023;
  5. proof of the security management of trusted systems according to the norm ČSN ISO/IEC 17799;
  6. proof of the introduction and implementation of an information security management system according to ČSN BS 7799-2;
  7. proof of sufficient financial resources and financial security;
  8. qualified system certificate for verification and
  9. proof of payment of the administrative fee of 100,000 CZK.

Basic information on the application and licensing procedure

Due to the complexity of accreditation, it is recommended that the procedures be consulted with the pertinent staff of the Ministry of Interior (tel.: +420974817518).

The authority shall issue a “Decision in the matter of granting accreditation to operate as an accredited provider of certification services” within 60 days of receiving the application.

After the “Decision on granting accreditation to operate as an accredited provider of certification services” issued by the authority goes into effect, the provision of this service can begin.

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