This activity consists of using the energy of explosions from chemical detonations to conduct blasting work and creating light or sound effects.

Those interested in operating a business must obtain a license from the Trade Licensing Office. The licenses are granted by written application.

Application for a license

The application shall be submitted:

  1. at any trade licence office
  2. via public administration contact points (the so-called Czech POINT)
  3. electronically, via the information system provided by the Register of Trade Business

Form of submission

Conditions for carrying on the trade + notification requisites and appendices

More specifics/annexes to the application

The application shall be accompanied by material demonstrating professional qualification. In this case, it means: blaster license, blasting manager authorization, pyrotechnic operator license

The application must also include a background check issued by the Ministry of Interior of the Czech Republic. The background check is not required for applicants born after 1 December 1971.

If all requirements have been met, the Trade Licensing Office will issue a decision on the application for a license within 30 days of receipt of the application at the local Trade Licensing Office. If the license is granted, the Trade Licensing Office will register it in the Trade Licensing Register within 5 days from the date of granting the license and issue a certificate to the business.

The business may be conducted after fulfilling all the above stated requirements.