Mining activities are considered the mining of non-reserved minerals, including modifying and refining minerals in connection with mining them, and prospecting and exploring non-reserved minerals carried out for this purpose; mining sand in watercourse channels and gravel with floating machines, including modifying and refining these raw materials carried out in connection with mining them, with the exception of dredging as part of maintenance of watercourses.

Furthermore, the groundwater of remediation works; work on accessing caves and work on keeping them in a safe condition; earthworks performed using machines and explosives if more than 100,000 cubic meters of rock are moved at one site, with the exception of foundations; drilling of wells with a length of over 30 meters; collection of natural healing and table mineral water in underground mine works; work on making old mines or permanently abandoned mines accessible and work on keeping them in a safe condition; underground work on excavating mine pits and wells, on boring shafts and tunnels, as well as on the creation of underground spaces of more than 300 cubic meters of rock.

Those interested in conducting mining activities must first obtain a certificate of the professional qualifications of a responsible representative issued to him by the Czech Mining Authority, or the relevant District Mining Authority, after passing an examination. The applicant shall then apply to the relevant District Mining Authority for the grant of the authorization to conduct these activities.

Procedure for obtaining authorisation:

1) Application for a certificate of professional eligibility for the person in charge

  • The application is submitted to the Czech Mining Authority in the case of a Mine’s expert lead, of a chief mining surveyor, waste disposal risk assessors, engineering blast manager, and directors of central mine rescue stations; in other cases to the relevant District Mining Authority.
  • There is no prescribed form for the application
  • The application shall be supplemented with:
  1. documentary proof of completed education
  2. documentary proof of work experience to date
  3. documentation of works to which the person in charge has contributed
  4. document attesting to payment of the administrative fee amounting to CZK 1000.

The applicant shall take an aptitude test before a board of the Mining Authority.

Upon completing the examination, the applicant may apply for the authorisation to carry out the activity.

2) Application for a licence

  • The application shall be filed with the relevant Local Mining Office.
  • There is no prescribed form for the application.
  • The application must be accompanied by the certificate of professional qualifications of the responsible representative (see the previous section), proof of the legal existence of the applicant (extract from the Commercial Register, business license, founding documents, etc.) and proof of payment of the administrative fee of 1,000 CZK.

Basic information about obtaining a license to conduct mining activities

The authority will grant the license within 30 days

The business may be conducted after fulfilling all the above stated requirements.


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