The related services involve personal dosimetry, monitoring worksites and their surroundings as specified under the monitoring programme, provided as a service for operators of category III or IV worksites, services to provide systematic oversight of radiation protection.

The licence is required for providing such services where no sources of ionising radiation are managed, yet which must be carried out in controlled zones, e.g. the cleaning of such sites, the inspection, maintenance or repair of other equipment provided by persons who are not the operator of the controlled zone.

Moreover, the licence applies to the measurement and assessment of irradiation caused by radionuclides, including the measurement and assessment of radon occurrence and radon progeny in buildings and to determine the radon index of plots of land; the measurement and assessment of natural radionuclide content in construction materials and water; the import, export or distribution of radiation generators, save for radiation generators which amount to minor sources.

In order for a provider to provide a dosimetry service, they must apply to the State Office for Nuclear Safety for a licence. The State Office for Nuclear Safety shall issue the licence and simultaneously approve the draft documentation annexed to the application within 90 days.

Licence application

The State Office for Nuclear Safety shall assign a registration number to each application and decide upon awarding a licence, by means of an administrative decision, within 90 days of receiving the application.

The business may be conducted after fulfilling all the above stated requirements.

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