Operation of a funeral service – licencing step by step

The activity consists of the provision of services related to the negotiation of burial agreements, transport of human remains (also for the needs of healthcare facilities, police authorities or other bodies involved in criminal proceedings), placement of the remains in a coffin, fitting, temporary storage in designated locations and the funeral ceremony (obsequies), and other activities related to burial.

Applicants for operation of the concession must obtain a decision on granting of the concession from a trades licensing office. The concession is granted based on a written request. The respective Regional Hygienic Station comments on the application.

Application for a license

The application shall be submitted:

  1. at any trade licence office
  2. via public administration contact points (the so-called Czech POINT) – in Czech only
  3. electronically, via the information system provided by the Register of Trade Business

Form of submission:

The application may only be submitted using the so-called Standard Registration Form.

Conditions for conducting the trade + application requisites and appendices

More specifics/annexes to the application

The application shall be accompanied by material demonstrating professional qualification. In this case, it means:

successful graduation from specialised professional preparation focussed on professional operational, economic and legal issues related to the operation of a funeral service. This preparation may be undertaken with entities authorised by the Ministry of Education;


  1. Complete secondary, complete secondary specialised, college or university education and at least three years of experience in crematorium operation, or
  2. Basic education and at least ten years of experience in crematorium operation.

If all requirements have been met, the Trade Licensing Office will issue a decision on the application for a license within 30 days of receipt of the application at the local Trade Licensing Office. If the license is granted, the Trade Licensing Office will register it in the Trade Licensing Register within 5 days from the date of granting the license and issue a certificate to the business.

The business may be conducted after fulfilling all the above stated requirements.

Related information:

If you have any questions, you can contact Points of Single Contact (PSC) set up at 15 municipal trade licence offices in all regions. More information on PSCs.

You can write your comments and proposals in the discussion forum.