In the document the conditions for acquiring registration further information in the approval process and application requisites can be found.

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Conditions for granting permission

  1. submitting of a written application for registration containing requisites specified in section 79(5) of the Act on Social Services
  2. integrity and professional competence of all natural persons directly providing social services
  3. securing of hygiene conditions, should social services be provided in social services facilities
  4. ownership title or another title to the building or premises in which social services shall be provided
  5. securing of material and technical conditions corresponding to the type of social services provided
  6. the fact that no bankruptcy was adjudicated in respect of assets of a natural person or a legal person being an applicant for registration, no bankruptcy or composition proceedings against such person commenced, or petition for adjudication of a bankruptcy order was dismissed on the grounds of lack of assets

Application requirements

An application for registration shall include the following data and attached documents:

  1. trade name or designation, registered office or location of its organizational component, identification number and the statutory body of an applicant being a legal person
  2. first name, or names respectively, surname, place of permanent or reported residence and date and place of birth of an applicant being a natural person
  3. name, registered office, identification number of a founder, first name, or names respectively, and surname of the head of an organizational component of an applicant being an organizational component of the state or a territorial self-governing unit on behalf of which an organizational component of a territorial self-governing unit shall provide social services
  4. data on social services provided, in particular:
    1. designation and place of the facility or place of provision of social services
    2. types of social services provided
    3. group of persons for whom such social service is intended
    4. description of realization of provided social services
    5. description of staffing in respect of social services provided
    6. time span for provision of social services
    7. capacity of provided social services
    8. financial balance sheet to provide for operation
    9. way of providing the health service if the provision of social services is pursuant to the Article 1 letter c) to f)
  5. a document of the integrity of natural persons specified in subsection (1)(b) except for a statement of criminal records
  6. documents or their authenticated copies proving professional competence of natural persons specified in subsection (1)(b)
  7. decision on approval of rules of operation of a social services facility, issued by a public health protection body
  8. a document of ownership title or another right to the building or premises in which social services shall be provided, from which an applicant’s entitlement to use these buildings or premises ensues
  9. authenticated copy of foundation documents and documents of registration according to specific legal regulations, or possibly a copy of entry in the Commercial Register or another registry according to specific legal regulations in the case of an applicant being a legal person
  10. a document proving that the applicant has no tax arrears, arrears in respect of public health insurance premiums and penalties and social security and state employment policy premiums and penalties
  11. an affirmation on facts specified in subsection (1)(f)

Further information on the licence proceedings

Type of licence

  • Registration

Respective authority

  • Regional authority with local competence

Control and supervisory bodies

  • Regional authority with local competence
  • Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs

Application clearing deadline

  • 30 days according to the Administrative Code


  • No fee obligation is stipulated

Validity period of the licence

  • The registration is granted for an indefinite period of time

Legal regulations

  • Act No. 108/2006 Coll., on Social Services

Professional liability insurance

  • Yes, professional liability insurance is required

Related legal regulations

  • Act No. 500/2004 Coll., Administrative Code

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