The activity consists in performing the technical inspection of road vehicles.

Persons wanting to operate technical inspection stations must first apply to the Regional Authority with a request for the licence to operate a technical inspection station. Once they have received an administrative decision on the award of the licence, they may start building a technical inspection station. Upon completion of the building, they shall contact a centre of expertise to obtain a detailed expert evaluation as to whether the building complies with all statutory conditions applying to the operation of a technical inspection station. In the event the expert evaluation finds positively in favour of the applicant, they shall once again address the Regional Authority with a request for a certificate. The Regional Authority shall issue the certificate to the applicant subject to the scope contained in the expert evaluation, whereupon the applicant may operate the technical inspection station

There is no entitlement to be issued the licence in the Czech Republic – issuance of the licence must be carried out in accordance with the prescribed method and scope of coverage of the administrative district by technical inspection stations.

Procedure for obtaining authorisation:

  1. Application for a licence to operate a technical inspection station
  2. Application for an expert evaluation
  3. Application for a certificate

1) Application for a licence to operate a technical inspection station

The application shall include:

  • description of the site, access roads and parking lot,
  • list of technological equipment for the inspection line,
  • positive appraisal from the building and planning office, in whose territorial district the technical inspection station is to be established, with regard to the plan to operate a technical inspection station in terms of area planning and environmental protection, or with regard to any other public interest,
  • declaration by the applicant to the effect that there is no legal or economic relation between them and the manufacture, sale or repair of vehicles or parts thereof, i.e. that they would not simultaneously manufacture or repair vehicles, or parts thereof, for which they seek to be awarded the licence to operate a technical inspection station,
  • extract from the Criminal Register, not older than three months, for all individuals who are executives or members of the statutory bodies and persons expected to carry out inspections at the technical inspection station.

The licence fee amounts to CZK 3,000.

Further information on the licence proceedings

The Regional Authority shall issue an administrative decision on whether to accept or refuse the licence application within the time limit specified by the Administrative Code.

2) Application for an expert evaluation

  • There are no prescribed requirements for the application. The applicant shall apply to the centre of expertise to have an expert evaluation carried out for operating a technical inspection station. The applicant shall bear the costs of drawing up an expert evaluation.
  • The Regional Authority shall provide the applicant with a list of centres of expertise and other detailed information (see the previous step).

Upon the completion proceed to the next step

3) Application for a certificate

  • The application shall again be submitted to the Regional Authority, with the above expert evaluation attached.
  • The administrative fee amounts to CZK 500.

The Regional Authority shall issue the applicant a certificate that corresponds in extent to the expert evaluation. Should they collect the certificate in person, the applicant shall be regarded as having waived their right of appeal and the certificate shall take effect. Otherwise, the licence shall take effect within 15 days.

The business may be conducted after fulfilling all the above stated requirements.

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