Conditions for obtaining a licence to operate a zoological garden, application requirements and further information on licence proceedings can be found in this document.

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Conditions for granting a licence

The ministry shall grant a licence to applicants who are able to meet the following conditions:

  1. keeps and breeds animals in conditions that help ensure the biological and protective requirements of individual species and ensures the health and welfare requirements of animals, primarily by enhancing the outdoor runs of individual species using species-specific accessories and maintains a high level of breeding and stabling of animals, with quality veterinary care and nutrition programme
  2. Prevents the escape of kept animals, particularly with respect to any potential ecological threat to native species and prevents the spread of parasites and infection agents from the external environment using suitable technical and anti-infectious measures
  3. Keeps continuous records on their collection of animals adequate to species observed
  4. Participates in research beneficial to species protection or training in animal protection skills or exchanging information on species protection, keeping endangered or rare species in human care with aim to preserve biological diversity outside their natural locations (ex situ) or in their natural location (in situ), or participates in professionally provided re-introduction of wild animal species into former habitats (re-introduction)
  5. Carries out public education regarding nature protection, such as presenting information on the species being exhibited, their natural locations and their role in ecosystems
  6. Ensures that activities related to the care of kept animals are performed by qualified individuals in a number adequate to the zoo collection. A person is deemed to be qualified who has a university education that qualifies them as a veterinary surgeon, biologist-zoologist, agricultural engineer-livestock specialist or an individual with a university education in a different discipline, however, with at least 2 year’s experience in keeping and breeding animals kept in zoological gardens
  7. Is a person of probity; a person does not meet the condition of probity if they have been lawfully sentenced for an offence the facts whereof are connected with an activity performed in a zoological garden, if they are assumed to have been duly sentenced, or a person who, in the given period, has been convicted of an offence or other administrative misdemeanour pursuant to legal regulations on the protection of nature and environment, veterinary regulations or regulations on the protection of animals against ill-treatment within 3 years before filing the application. If the applicant is a legal entity, the condition of probity applies to all members of the applicant’s statutory body

Application requirements

The application must include the following:

  1. Company name or name, identification number (if applicable), registered office and legal form, as well as the name, surname, date of birth and place of residence of all individuals who are members of statutory body of the applicant, if the applicant is a legal person
  2. Name, surname, possibly amendment, 4) date of birth, identification number (if applicable), and place of residence, if the applicant is an individual (natural person)
  3. Identification of the owner and founder of zoological garden, if not identical with the applicant in the manner described in a) and b)
  4. List of species and assumed number of animals to be kept, arranged according to orders of zoological taxonomy
  5. A summary of participation in research beneficial to species protection
  6. A summary of involvement in trainings of animal protection skills
  7. Information on participation in exchanges of information regarding species protection
  8. Information on participation in professionally provided re-introductions of wild animal species into former habitats (re-introduction)
  9. Information on participation in public education to protect nature, such as presenting information on species being exhibited, their natural locations and their role in ecosystems
  10. Information on how continuous records are kept on collections of wild animals

Requirements connected to the provision of services by a provider from a different Member State

Due to the nature of the activity, the Member State cross-border movement of services is not permitted; foreign applicants residing here must meet the same requirements as domestic subjects.

Further information on the licence proceedings

Type of licence

  • Licence

Respective authority

  • Ministry of the Environment

Control and supervisory authorities

  • Ministry of Environment
  • Czech Environmental Inspectorate
  • Local veterinary administrations
  • Central Commission for Animal Welfare

Application clearing deadline

  • The ministry shall decide on the application within 90 days from the date of its delivery.


  • CZK 20,000 – item no. 15 in the Chart of Fees (Appendix to Act on Administrative Fees)

Validity period of the licence

  • A licence is issued for an indefinite period, excerpt for the case specified in Art. 6, Paragraph 3, Act 162/2003 Coll., on the operation of zoological gardens
  • A case is regarded as specific:  „If an applicant is not able to fulfil some condition according to Article 2 a) (4), (5) on the date of filing the application, but they have documented the ability to meet this condition within 2 years from the date of filing the application at the latest, and if the condition, not having been met, would not jeopardize fulfilment the function of the zoological gardens, then a licence may be issued, however, for a maximum period of 2 years.“

Legal regulation

  • Act 162/2003 Coll. on conditions for operating zoological gardens (Art. 3 et seq.)

Professional liability insurance

  • N/A

Current Community regulations

  • Council Directive 99/22/EC relating to the keeping of wild animals in zoological gardens

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