This activity consists of performing certain professional veterinary acts on a commercial basis. These are the activities set out in § 18 of Decree No. 342/2012 Coll., on animal health and protection, on the relocation and transportation of animals, and on the professional qualifications for performing certain professional veterinary activities, as amended (hereinafter “Decree”). They involve, for example, castrating males younger than 7 days for pigs and less than 8 weeks for cattle, sheep, goats or rabbits who do not suffer from an anatomical anomaly of the genital organs; tail-docking piglets less than 7 days old, lambs and puppies less than 8 days old; dehorning or inhibiting the growth of horns in calves and kids under the age of 4 weeks by chemical cauterization, with a thermal cauterization device that generates the necessary heat for at least 10 seconds; the treatment and modification of healthy hooves in livestock, etc.

The permission for private veterinary technicians to conduct these activities is based on registration at the regional veterinary administration of the State Veterinary Administration, which will decide on the registration if the applicant meets the requirements specified in § 64 of the Veterinary Act. Registration is done on the basis of a written application, the details of which are set out in § 17 of the decree.Persons wanting to carry out the activity must be registered by their local Regional Veterinary Administration. Registration shall be carried out following submission of a written application.

Application for the registration of a private veterinary technician

The application shall be accompanied by proof of professional qualifications, demonstrating a complete secondary vocational education or higher professional education in the veterinary field.

The regional veterinary administration shall decide on the registration of the private veterinary technician in accordance with Act No. 500/2004 Coll., Administrative Code, as amended.

The business may be conducted after fulfilling all the above stated requirements.

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