The document provides the conditions for the grant of a certificate of compliance with the conditions for performing veterinary therapeutic and preventive activities.

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Conditions for granting a licence

  • Professional qualifications – Persons professionally qualified to perform professional veterinary activities are persons who:
    • have completed an appropriate Veterinary and Pharmaceutical University in the Czech Republic or in another country or school, the completion of which is recognized in the Czech Republic as adequate for veterinary practice
    • underwent a minimum of six months of practical training as an undergraduate or graduate
  • Good character – For the purposes of this law, a person is considered to have good character if he has not been convicted in the last 10 years of an intentional criminal offence or in the last 5 years of a criminal offence committed out of negligence in connection with professional veterinary activities.
  • Full legal capacity
  • Membership in the Chamber of Veterinary Surgeon

Application requirements

  • Personal data (name, surname, nationality, permanent residence, contact address, Tax ID, Business ID if assigned one, phone, email)
  • Elected district association of the Chamber
  • Expected place of activity and type of practice

The application shall include:

  • a certified copy of a university diploma
  • a certified copy of a state exam certificate (graduates until 2005) or a supplement to the diploma (diploma supplement, graduates from 2006 including)
  • a proof of practical experience within the set extent (graduates until 2003, international applicants)

Further information on the licence proceedings

Type of licence

  • Certificate of compliance with the conditions for the performance of veterinary therapeutic and preventive activities

Respective authority

  • Chamber of Veterinary Surgeons of the Czech Republic

Control and supervisory bodies

  • Review Commission of the Chamber of Veterinary Surgeons
  • Regional Veterinary Administration

Procedure for granting a licence

  • The application shall be considered and approved by the Chamber of Veterinary Surgeons. After obtaining approval and registration in the Chamber of Veterinary Surgeons, the Regional Veterinary Administration shall approve and register the veterinarian.

Application clearing deadline

  • The deadline for the decision on the application is 30 days, in more complex cases 60 days


  • 200 CZK for issuing the certification
  • 3.850 CZK annual fee

Validity period of the licence

  • Unlimited term of authorisation

Combined proceedings (recognising qualifications and granting authorisation)

  • yes

Legal Regulation

  • Act No. 381/1991 Coll., Chamber of Veterinary Surgeons CR

Professional liability insurance

  • After a period of holding the certificate, the member is required to be insured against damages incurred in connection with performing the profession to the extent specified by the Chamber.

Related legal regulations

  • Act No. 166/1999 Coll., on veterinary care and on amending related laws
  • Act No. 246/1992 Coll., on protecting animals against cruelty
  • Act No. 378/2007 Coll., Pharmaceuticals

Current Community regulations

  • 2005/36/EC on the recognition of professional qualifications

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