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28. 01. 2021

Publication of information on the operation of the storage site

During the proceedings on the permit for the storage site, the District Mining Authority informs the public about the requirements of the permit proce...

21. 12. 2020

Recognition of an energy sector business licence in the Czech Republic

If you hold a business licence for trading in electricity or gas granted by the relevant authority of another EU Member State, you can contact the Ene...

21. 12. 2020

Issuance of prior consent of the district mining authority with the transfer of the mining area

The mining organization may transfer the mining area to another organization on the basis of a contract, with the prior consent of the district mining...

21. 12. 2020

Drawing on financial reserves

When mining exclusive/reserved deposits, the mining organization is obliged to create financial reserves for remediation, reclamation and settlement o...

21. 12. 2020

Transfer of submissions by Points of Single Contact

The main role of a Point of Single Contact is to make it easier to start a business, especially in the provision of services, both in the Czech Republ...

21. 12. 2020

Provision of information by Points of Single Contact

A Point of Single Contact provides free information needed for a client to start doing business anywhere in the European Union or the Czech Republic. ...