Main information about the assistance service

The European Consumer Centre provides:

  • assistance to consumers;
  • out-of-court assistance to consumers in resolving cross-border disputes with entrepreneurs from other EU countries, Norway, Iceland, and the United Kingdom;
  • information about consumer rights in cross-border purchases on the single market;
  • provision of information about the functioning of a platform for online dispute resolution with Internet retailers and service providers (ODR; Online Dispute Resolution);
  • enhancement of the position of consumers in cross-border purchases of goods and use of services from other countries involved in the European Consumer Centres network project.

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Terms of the service use

You can use the services of the European Consumer Centre if you are a consumer, whether purchasing goods or receiving services.

You must be a natural person not engaged in business to be eligible to use the services.


European Consumer Centre

Czech Trade Inspection Authority

Address: Štěpánská 15, 120 00 Prague 2

Tel.: +420 296 366 155




The assistance services of the European Consumer Centre are provided free of charge.

Processing time

The European Consumer Centre will normally answer your inquiry within 14 days.

The resolution of a complaint usually takes several weeks depending on the workload of the partner centre in the entrepreneur’s country and on the entrepreneur’s willingness to arrive at an out-of-court solution of the dispute.

To have your request or inquiry processed faster, use the instructions that you can find on the website of the European Consumer Centre.

Additional information

Communication language

You can communicate with the European Consumer Centre in Czech as well as in English.

Responsible Public Authority

Ministerstvo průmyslu a obchodu
Na Františku 1039/32
Staré Město
11000 Praha 1
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