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20. 01. 2021

Minimum amount of excise duty

Excise duty is an indirect selective tax introduced by the State in order to regulate the price of certain commodities on the market.

15. 01. 2021

Information on excise goods

Selected products are those that are subject to excise duty.

15. 01. 2021

Investment Incentives

The aim of investment incentives is to support companies that want to invest in starting new operations or expanding their existing business in the Cz...

15. 01. 2021

Export Guarantee and Insurance Corporation

A credit insurance corporation specialising in political and commercial risks associated with the financing of exports of goods, services and investme...

15. 01. 2021

Czech-Moravian Guarantee and Development Bank

The Czech-Moravian Guarantee and Development Bank is a special banking institution that carries out activities in the public interest.

15. 01. 2021

Czech Export Bank

A bank providing officially supported financing for exports from the Czech Republic in the form of short-term and long-term credit facilities and trad...

08. 01. 2021

Cross-border provision of goods

The free movement of goods facilitated through technical harmonization and the principle of mutual recognition is key for the functioning of the singl...

21. 12. 2020

The New Green Savings Programme

The New Green for Savings programme is a subsidy program of the Ministry of the Environment focused on energy savings in buildings.

21. 12. 2020

The Operational Programme Environment

The Operational Programme Environment allows to finance projects for the protection and improvement of the environment from the European Structural Fu...

21. 12. 2020

The National Programme Environment

The National Programme Environment supports projects and activities contributing to the protection of the environment in the Czech Republic.

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