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Determination of the date as of which a company’s registered office is transferred to Czechia.

The transfer of a registered office to Czechia takes effect on the date on which the transfer of the registered office is entered in the Czech companies register or on the date on which it is deleted from the foreign companies register, if this is required by the law of the state in which the foreign companies register is maintained in order for the change of legal form to take legal effect.

When a registered office is transferred to Czechia, the information entered in the companies register is the same as for the entry of a Czech company or cooperative in the companies register. This is accompanied by the information that the foreign entity has transferred its registered office from abroad, with a specification of its trade or company name, legal form and registered office prior to the cross-border change of legal form, including a specification of the companies register in which it had been entered until then, together with the number of the register entry.

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Reference to legal acts

Section 384e of Act No 125/2008 on the transformation of companies and cooperatives

Responsible Public Authority

Ministerstvo spravedlnosti
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Last checked at 26.11.2020

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