Act No. 539/1992 Coll., on hallmarking and the control of precious metals

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National technical rules and national administrative procedures applicable to goods or goods of a given type

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Precious metals

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Act provides hallmarking and testing of precious metals, rights and o bligations of legal and privat entities, which produces, sells, or places on market products made of precious metals

Main requirements that the business user needs to know about

Obligations connected with : - Register its bussiness activities with precious metals with Assay Office, and also all branches incl. electronics - In the case of producing or importing from abroad ask for assign of identification mark. - Put forward goods for inspection in required state (completed, cleaned, for possibility of testing, marking, in permitted combination,etc.) - Keep records on mass eand fineness used and stocked pracious metals - In deailng with gold goods (always) and with silver goods above 10 gramms, use calibrated scales. Mass on receipt state in accuracy ( in the case of gold 0,05 g, in the caso of silver in full gramms) - Sell goods of precious metals with strucked legal mark (in the case of gold up to 0,5 g with marked finenes, above this limit with state mark) - In the case of selling issue document with stating of kind, price, mass and fineness selled articles of precious metals. - Precious metals goods properly mark according to kind of precious metal and its fineness and separate it from other articles made of base metals. In designation is forbiden to make an impression that articles made of base metals are made of precious metals (in spite there is precious metals coating). Terms gold/silver/platine and its modifications are alowed only to use for precious metals goods. - In selling place (visible, accessible and stable) is necessary place picture of czech hallmarks. Obligations connecetd with : -Registration of bussiness activity with Assay Office and all branches including electronic. - In the case of producing of precious metals goods or importing goods from abroad ask for assignment of identification mark. - Goods for inspection present in prescribed state (completed, cleaned for testing, in allowed combination, etc.) - Keep records on mass and fineness used and stocked precious metals. - In the case od dealing with gold goods (always) and with silver goods above 10 gramms use calibrated scales. Mass on sales receipt state with accuracy of ( for gold 0,05 g, for silver in full gramms). - Sell goods made of precious metals only with state marking (gold to 0,5 g with strucked fineness number – above this limit only with state mark, in the case of silver to 3 grams with strucked fineness number, abodedthis limit only with state mark - In the case of selling issue document with stating of kind, price, mass and fineness of selled precious metls articles

Good(s) subject to prior authorisation under national law


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