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A bank providing officially supported financing for exports from the Czech Republic in the form of short-term and long-term credit facilities and trade finance products.

Geographically, the CEB focuses primarily on supporting exports to higher-risk territories (according to the OECD classification) for which commercial banks offer only limited financing options, but which carry great potential and have a rapidly growing economy.

Financing may be granted to a domestic exporter, manufacturer or investor, to a foreign buyer, or to the bank of an exporter, manufacturer, buyer or investor.

The bank provides financing to all exporters of Czech goods, services and investments, regardless of their size, legal form or the volume of exports to be financed.

Financing is provided in accordance with Act No 58/1995 on officially supported insurance and financing.  The CEB is subject to the rules laid down by Directive 2014/65/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council on markets in financial instruments and related legislation (MiFID II).

Financing products related to the export of goods and services and investments abroad and trade finance products.

As a state-owned specialised bank, the CEB provides official support for exports from the Czech Republic in the form of banking products and, in doing so, complements the products and services offered by commercial banking institutions.

Clients must meet the basic criteria set by the CEB for the provision of officially supported financing and insurance.

The basic conditions of financing include a problem-free credit history on the part of the entities concerned (whether an exporter, importer, or guarantor), a minimum 50% share of the value of supplies originating in the Czech Republic, compliance with legal provisions aiming to prevent bribery in international trade, and the submission of an export contract.

Financing is provided in the form of pre-export, buyer, supplier, and foreign investment credits. Products such as bank guarantees, documentary letters of credit, and the purchase of receivables under export contracts, including the purchase of receivables under documentary letters of credit, are also available.

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Reference to legal acts

Act No 58/1995 on officially supported insurance and financing

Responsible Public Authority

Ministerstvo financí
Letenská 525/15
Malá Strana
11800 Praha 1
Datová schránka: xzeaauv

Last checked at 12.01.2021

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