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Comprehensive and transparent information on public procurement, including statistical outputs for the whole of Czechia.

Public Procurement Portal

The Public Procurement Portal offers comprehensive and clear information on public procurement for both contracting authorities and suppliers. Information on the National Electronic Procurement system, the Information System on Public Contracts, under which there is access to the Public Procurement Bulletin, the list of qualified suppliers and certified supplier systems, public procurement statistics, and access to classifications and codebooks, is comprehensively addressed. 

More information can be found on the Public Procurement Portal

You can search for information according to various parameters. The portal makes information available free of charge to facilitate the activities of contracting authorities and public procurement suppliers via the internet by means of unlimited remote access. The data are in open data format.

Information System on Public Contracts

In accordance with the requirements of the ‘Action Plan on the Open Government Partnership of Czechia’, the Information System on Public Contracts has provided access to recorded data in the form of open data. The previously offered XLS data formats for public procurement from the Public Procurement Bulletin and from electronic marketplaces have now been supplemented with an XML format that is now directly usable by external applications.

More information can be found in the Information System on Public Contracts

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Reference to legal acts

Act No 134/2016 Coll, on Public Procurement

Responsible Public Authority

Ministerstvo pro místní rozvoj
Staroměstské náměstí 932/6
Staré Město
11000 Praha 1
Datová schránka: 26iaava

Last checked at 09.12.2020

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