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The insolvency register is a publicly accessible register that ensures insolvency proceedings receive maximum publicity. It is also referenced for the service of documents.

Insolvency proceedings are publicised via the insolvency register managed by the Ministry of Justice. This is an electronic public administration information system accessible online. The insolvency register is accessible to the public (except for certain details), and everyone has the right to view it, make copies of it, and take extracts from it.

The insolvency register exists primarily to generate maximum publicity for insolvency proceedings and enable their progress to be monitored. The register is used to publish insolvency court decisions issued in insolvency proceedings and in incidental disputes, case-file submissions, and other information required by the Insolvency Act or decided by the insolvency court.

Besides serving as a source of information, the insolvency register is crucial for the service of documents – it is an instrument for the service of most court rulings and other documents. Insolvency proceedings are generally notified in the insolvency register within 2 hours of the submission of a petition (during the court’s working hours). If an insolvency petition is combined with an application for debt relief, the time limit for publication is 3 working days.

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Reference to legal acts

Section 419 et seq. of Act No 182/2006 on bankruptcy and the management thereof (the Insolvency Act), as amended

Responsible Public Authority

Ministerstvo spravedlnosti
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